Pressing the SETUP button on the main screen will open the Configuration screen.

Here you can enable the Mouse Over Tool Tips to provide quick - basic help information about the item your mouse is pointing to.

You can also define the Email Server settings. Enter your Email server, it's port and your User Name along with Password.

Press the Send Test eMail to verify your email server settings.

The Expected Length Window allows you to define what window of time (in seconds) to use when evaluating a rule that uses expected length.

There are button options for Backing up the current settings and restoring the current settings. All backups are made to the Backup directory within the ENconveyor directory.  Likewise, pressing the Browse App Folder will open the ENconveyor directory.   

Pressing Send Files to ENCO will zip and email all necessary ENconveyor files to ENCO for analysis if you're having some problem. You will see a message in the Status screen that the files have been sent and the label of the button will change to Files Sent to ENCO and be grayed out.

To register the software after running in trial mode, press the Register button to send an email registration request. This request will include the Hardware ID shown to the left of the Register button.



Important Notes regarding Windows 7


If you are installing this software on a Windows 7 workstation you should disable User Account Control Settings.

User Account Control Settings can be found under the Control Panel via the User Accounts icon. In User Accounts select the link for Change User Account Control Settings.

In the User Account Control Settings screen, you should set the Access Control fader down to Never Notify


Any other Control setting can cause Windows to save application date to directories other than the desired ENconveyor application directory and potentially cause 'rights' related issues.

If you are required to use User Access Controls - then you must set the Privilege Level for the Application as 'Run this program as an Administrator". Doing this will force a Prompt onscreen that must be OK'd before the program will run. This prompt will always be present anytime the application is started.


ENCO recommends disabling User Access Control.