Rules are the heart of ENconveyor. A rule defines the site, directory and filename to downloaded from, the directory and name to which the file will be copied and optionally the format the file should be converted to. There are also options for scheduling and email notifications.


Rule Overview


The Rule screen is straight forward and should be self explanatory.

Enter a name for the rule along with the site address.

Select the type of site: FTP, HTTP or HTTPS.


For a FTP site - select FTP and enter the site:

For a HTTP site - select HTTP and enter the site:


If the site needs a User and Password, enter that information in the appropriate fields. When using FTP sites with no name/password the "anonymous/anypass" combination is used by default.

Enter the Source Directory which might include a full directory path if the target folder is within another directory.

You can press the Check Site button to verify connectivity to the site location (and Source Directory for FTP). See Additional Notes below for more information about Check Site. 


Enter the Source Filename. If you are using wildcards for Month, Day or other variables you can enter them as part of the source filename.

Pressing the Wildcards button will display a list of wildcard options.

The Sequence Button allows for you to define a starting Sequence number for a show, allowing you to use a Program, Episode or Sequence number as part of the filename when that file name increments daily/weekly.

For example: A show has a file name of MyShow_e123_091011. The Title is MyShow, the episode number is 123 and the date happens to be September 10th, 2011 - which is a Saturday.

If the Producer uploads a new show - and changes both the episode number and the date - you can use the Sequence Button to automatically advance the e### as part of the filename.

In this case, you would have your Filename as:  MyShow_e@%_@m@d@y with the Sequence having the first Sequence Number of the first show you download. You would then set the Increment day of when the system should automatically increment. In this example, Saturday.

Enter the Destination Directory the downloaded file should be copied to along with the filename and file extension (Ext.).  If you are going to be downloading multiple files with similar wildcard based names, check the option for multiple files.

If you need to convert the file to another format, select the format options desired. 


To schedule a time choose either Continuous or Scheduled. Continuous will check for the file every number of minutes entered. You can also set a 'Retry' option 'X' number of times every 'Y' number of minutes.

If you would like to use specific times and days, you may use the Grid button option. Pressing this opens a Grid display that allows you to set a time to download on an hour by hour basis within the days of the week.  To set a time, left click on a box. To clear that hour, right click on the box. You may also use the mouse to draw 'boxes' within the hours and days desired. Clear boxes with Right Click. You can also specify the minute within the hour to utilize.



At the bottom of the rules screen, you can enable various Email Notifications. Select the options of Site Failure, a Missing Program, no new audio files to download or if the audio file falls outside of the Length defined. After making the selection, enter the email address (or list of addresses) to send to: (and cc: if desired).

In addition to this, you must define the Email server under the Config button found on the main screen. Details about the Configuration screen can be found here.



Additional Notes:

The Check Site for FTP will check the site and the source directory while the Check Site for HTTP/HTTPS will only check site access. Note that some HTTP/HTTPS sites are not accessible at all and provide only downloads - those site checks will fail but are OK. Do not use Site Failure notifications for rules with those sites.

If Source Directory is blank ENconveyor will look in the root of the site for the Source File. When used, Source Directory must use the proper upper/lower case!

Source Filename is required and must have a valid extension. For HTTP/HTTPS sites - the Source Filename must use the proper uppler/lower case.

The Destination Directory is required and must exist to save a rule.

The Destination Filename and Ext can be filled out or left blank. When blank ENconveyor will use Source and Format to generate the Destination Filename. 

Improper rule settings are validated on Save/Exit.

Automatic Sequencing will increment the Sequence number at Midnight of the Scan day. This assumes that the program has been running and not closed between the times of each rule scan. If the program has been closed before the start of the Scan Day and restarted on the day of the scan - you will need to manually increment the Starting Sequence Number. 

ENconveyor allows for a maximum of 199 different rules.