ENconveyor is a program that allows you to schedule automatic downloads of audio material from FTP, HTTP and HTTPS sites.

In addition to downloading the file, the file can be converted to a different audio format (and/or sample rate) and placed into any directory.

In addition to normal audio files, ENconveyor can also extract audio from video files. Audio from video can be pulled from AVI, MPEG, WMV, MOV and other video formats.

You can also be sent an email if there is a problem with a download. Now you can know about and correct an issue before it hits (or doesn't hit) the air. 




Overview of the Main Screen


The main program screen has areas which allow you to create and modify rules, a status area for the rules created and a visual log of the overall processes.


The top portion has a series of buttons that allow you to Add, Copy, Edit, Delete, Reset and Run the rules. You can also force a selected rule to run.  In addition, there are buttons for Email Configuration and access to a status log.

To Add a rule, press Add Rule. Details about the Rules screen can be found here.


To copy an existing rule, select that rule can press Copy. This will open the Rule Screen allowing you to give the Rule a new Name and make any other changes you wish.

Likewise, pressing Edit will edit the selected rule while Delete will delete the selected rule.

Pressing Reset Rule will clear the last downloaded date/time/size data for the selected rule - allowing it to run again (note: download data stored for ftp sites only).

Run will execute the selected rule right now.

Setup allows you to define a few basic settings. While Log displays the entire event log for the current day.


In the center of the screen you will see all of your rules. This section provides information about the status and progress of automatic site checks (every 5 minutes) and rules that have run.

Checking/Unchecking the box on the left side will enable/disable the rule. When unchecked, that rule will not scan or download content.

The Site status is described below with information about when the next download will occur finishing out the remainder of the screen.

If a download is in progress, you will see a pacer bar showing the amount downloaded so far.



Under the Site column, you will see the location for the source audio along with a colored indicator of the site's status. 

Green indicates that the site was accessible at the last check.

Red indicates that there was a problem accessing this site.

Yellow means that the site access has not been checked yet. Once the site has been validated - the status will change to either Green or Red.

White indicates that the rule is currently disabled and the site won't be checked.

Note that some HTTP/HTTPS sites don't allow for direct access - they only provide downloadable files. In those cases the Site Check will fail and the indicator will be Red. It is recommended that "Site Failure" notification not be used in rules with these kind of non-accessible sites.


The bottom of the program displays a running log of all work done and any other messages that relate to the rules and overall process.

This information is saved in a daily log in the:
C:\Program Files\ENCO\ENConveyor\Logs directory. Pressing Show More Detail will display additional debugging information.

The other button, Downloads Enabled can be toggled to Disabled. This can be used as a master ON / OFF switch for all downloads (can only be used when ENconveyor is idle).