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About ENCO

What do we do at ENCO Systems? It's easy to summarize, yet sometimes not so easy to choose the exact words that make sense in all of the markets worldwide that use our products.
First and foremost, ENCO Systems is the manufacturer of DAD, a radio automation and live TV audio product for the broadcast industry. DAD is powerful radio automation and delivery software enabling internet radio, studio automation, radio production, and playout for radio stations, clusters and networks from the largest in the world to the smallest facilities. ENCO also offers Presenter, the live-assist studio solution designed for fast-paced radio station formats.
DAD is also a system for TV studio audio used in TV production and live television. Major stations and groups use DADtv for surround production and TV audio playback. With the ability to handle multiple streams of linear surround audio content, no audio product is more flexible than DADtv.
With a number of user interface choices available as well as support for TV audio automation working with products from Grass Valley, Ross and Sundance, DADtv fits into nearly every television production and live environment, including remote trucks.
Besides our flagship DAD and Presenter products, ENCO also offers products like RAMA, the remotely administered metadata appliance, designed to make transmission and distribution of data easy and transparent for radio broadcasters using RDS, HD Radio, the web and other data destinations.
Another product that we are proud of is enCaption, the only fully automated speech recognition based closed captioning device for television. Imagine being able to caption breaking news and weather any time, day or night, at a moments' notice without having to contact a third party captioning service...with enCaption, you can!
To sum up, ENCO Systems specializes in applying advanced automation technologies to the radio and television broadcast industry, providing powerful sophisticated products with a high level of ease of use...backed up by the finest technical support in the industry. So that's what we, what can we do for you?

Our History

ENCO was established in 1983 by two M.I.T. engineers, Eugene Novacek and Judy Kane Novacek, providing computer based process control in industrial applications. Building on a heritage in automation technology and an in-depth understanding of challenges faced by television and radio broadcasters, ENCO focused on the application of computer based automation to these needs.
The emerging power and capacity available from PC's enabled ENCO to adopt concepts of computer controlled automation found in high tech factories and apply them to the broadcast studio. In 1991, ENCO's first digital audio delivery/radio automation system, DAD, replaced error prone manual CART systems commonly used in broadcast industries to sequence and play audio content. DAD increased flexibility and productivity for broadcasters and enabled trouble free automated formats that could run for an hour, or for days without intervention.
ENCO's DAD family of products have found acceptance worldwide in applications ranging from the small webcaster to large multinational television broadcasters. Thousands of DAD systems have been installed across six continents. ENCO has continued to innovate with new technologies for broadcasters. These advances include Presenter, RAMA, PADapult and enCaption® which automates the process of captioning live broadcast programming for the hearing impaired. At ENCO, we're fiercely dedicated to audio automation! Thank you for visiting.

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