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Ramping Up Redundancy

There’s nothing more frustrating than losing your work – or your groove – from a network outage or a server failure. In addition to generally being thrown off balance, in broadcasting this often means the loss of content, audience and/or air-time. Even worse, it can mean lost revenue from advertising interruptions.


At IBC2016, ENCO will unveil new protective measures so broadcasters don't miss a beat if their automation server or network fails. With ENCO’s new automatic failover software, DAD (radio) and MOM (TV) customers using ENCO are safely assured that all production and playout content – including full playlists and advertisements – seamlessly transition to local studio operations.


IBC2016 also marks the European debut of MOM, which will be demonstrated along with ENCO's instant video playout system, ClipFire.  Be sure to visit the ENCO stand at 8.A59 over the course of the industry’s largest international trade show, taking place September 9-13 in Amsterdam at the RAI Convention Center. 

New Feature Showcase:
ENCO’s iNews MOS Interface


The ever-evolving MOS protocol allows for communication between Media Object Servers and Newsroom Computer Systems. Facilities employing the use of these systems can now playout assets in the familiar DAD Radio Automation system.


ENCO’s iNews MOS Interface allows users to manage audio embedded in stories generated in iNews. Playout of actualities or natural sounds can be done using the familiar and user-friendly DAD automation environment. Users can also interact directly with iNews and add, move, and modify the audio. Changes will be automatically synchronized so the user can expect the playlist to be up-to-date with the latest changes.


In DAD, the actualities and natural sounds can be edited, modified and will be listed in the appropriate playback machine.


Operators in master control interact with the playback machine that is synchronized with iNews and can playout the actualities as the story calls for them.


For more information about ENCO’s DAD Radio Automation or the iNews MOS Interface, call ENCO Systems at +1 248-827-4440 or visit us online at

Did you know?


ENCO has long been a forward-thinker in bridging the gap between streaming and automation, with toolsets that enable broadcasters to deliver multichannel content to the web and mobile devices. ENCO’s new partnership with StreamGuys takes that initiative several steps further.



With interoperability and monetization as key focal points, the partnership empowers TV and Radio broadcasters with a single solution that integrates more flexible advertising options, powerful video resources and virtualized platforms in the cloud that minimize hardware and operating costs. The central goal is to help over-the-air easily extend their signals to audiences that increasingly consume broadcast content on the web or the go.


Read the full press release with all the details and benefits of the partnership here.


Lessons from DAD

By Paul Stewart


Day parting can be done very easily in the DAD Cut Modify window. When modifying a cut, a user can specify when the cut should be active as defined by the Start Date and Kill Date and Active Time and Kill Time. When a cut is ‘active’ it can be played in an automated fashion, such as with a playlist, or can be inserted manually into the presenter slots or other playback machine.


When day parting is on, the cut can be played between the Active Time and Kill Time every day, according to the Active Day of Week check boxes. When day parting is turned off, the cut will become active on the Start Date at the Active Time and will expire on the Kill Date at the Kill Time.


As you can see, day parting within DAD can provide a very flexible means of setting when a cut should be able to playout. These setting can either be saved when re-recording a cut or can be cleared out, depending upon user preference.


To toggle day parting on your system, use the ‘Day Parting’ switch found in the ‘Misc. Defaults’ section of the settings menu. For questions or assistance with setting up day parting, contact ENCO Systems Technical Support at (248) 827-4440 and select option 2.


Client Corner


Cats FM is East Malaysia's first private radio station covering Sarawak and Brunei. With its famous tagline 'Nang Antap!' or 'Just For You', the station broadcasts music, interviews, news, and community updates 24 hours a day. This year marks its 20th year on the airwaves. As part of a facility upgrade, the station was looking to replace its aging automation system with a more powerful, reliable, and flexible solution.


After thoroughly evaluating available options, Cats FM chose to migrate to ENCO Systems Digital Audio Delivery (DAD) Radio Automation. DAD is a world renowned and award winning suite of software modules and tools which help broadcasters sound better and increase efficiency.



One of the challenges faced was to convert tens of thousands of audio materials from the old system to DAD, and ENCO distributor GBS lived up to their name and successfully delivered the system to CATS FM as promised; The on-air, standby and production studios are each now equipped with a robust DAD workstation for playout, production and voice over applications, and they are all designed with failover redundancy in mind to minimize downtime.


Cats FM joins thousands of stations around the world using DAD as an advanced, efficient, and proven broadcast solution. Backed by ENCO's reliable 24/7 support, the station will be able to receive live emergency support, software updates, and access to a comprehensive online knowledge base. Through the ENCO forum, they can discuss and share ideas with other stations using the platform.


With DAD's incredibly rich feature set, Cats FM can now reach and serve its audience in new and exciting ways from now and into the future. Read the full CATS FM story here.


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