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ENCO Newsletter - ENCO Systems - Benztown%20DAD%20Spacing_zpsybayb2jzENCO is always seeking industry partners that help us deliver comprehensive automated solutions to broadcasters that accelerate and increase content turnaround to air. Most recently, we thoroughly evaluated all production library and imaging companies that supply the radio industry. While all offer outstanding products and services, we believe our friends at Benztown offer the most comprehensive portfolio on the market.


This is the main reason we have chosen to partner with Benztown. By joining forces, the powerful combination of DAD automation and Benztown library and imaging services automate the previously all-manual process of ingesting and scheduling production library content into a radio automation system. The value to broadcasters is further amplified given Benztown’s unique ability to update and push content to ENCO’s DAD radio automation system in real-time.


We are elated to share that DAD is the first radio automation system to support this level of integration between automation and production library content. Check out the video about the ENCO-Benztown integration here and e-mail or contact your local ENCO representative to learn more.

New Feature Showcase:

The latest version of PADapult has added functionality which allows it to get metadata from ContentDepot’s MetaPub. A majority of PRSS programs now use MetaPub for metadata distribution including Classical 24, BBC World Service, Morning Edition, and much more. Use the new MetaPub functionality built into PADapult to provide rich metadata to your listeners for any live PRSS program.


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For more information about licensing your system for MetaPub, contact ENCO Systems Sales at (248) 827-4440, option 1 or email


Did you know?

enCaption quickly grew into an industry standard for closed-captioning based on its software-defined approach that reduces cost and complexity for caption creation and output. The latest version of this product, enCaption3R3, recently began shipping and brings additional value to users for both speech-to-text conversion across both live and pre-recorded content – the latter of which has been generally underserved in today’s automated captioning solutions.


ENCO Newsletter - ENCO Systems - EnCaption%20Screen%20and%20Hardware_zpsd0gjecza


Unfortunately, many local broadcasters and smaller networks are priced out of traditional closed captioning systems, which leave them susceptible to non-compliance. Therefore, PEG stations with deep content libraries; and cable networks with 24/7 live programming are often left to struggle with time-consuming manual systems that eat up limited human resources.


enCaption3R3 solves these problems by offering the industry’s first fully automated solution for live and pre-recorded content with a truly affordable price tag. And since it is software-defined, it can cleanly fit into any broadcast workflow with minimal integration efforts. Learn more about enCaption3R3 at the ENCO website, and check out how the Liquidation Channel or Chesapeake Television is benefitting today.


ENCO Newsletter - ENCO Systems - pngLessons from DAD

By Paul Stewart

The Time Announce Management System, also known as ‘TAMS’, is a feature built into DAD which allows stations to automate time announcements and incorporate them into their playlists. A TAMS event can be scheduled into a playlist or can be added to a playlist manually using the Playlist Modify tool.


The benefit of using TAMS instead of recording and scheduling spoken time cuts into a playlist is that the time is always based upon the time of playout. For example, if the TAMS event is played at a time other than the time for which it was scheduled, it will play the correct time.


Recording TAMS announcements can be done in one of two styles which allows the user to determine how the announcement should sound. Additionally, a ‘header’ and ‘trailer’ can be recorded to keep the announcement consistent with the station’s brand.


While many users will only use one TAMS profile for all hours of the day, it is possible to record multiple profiles and use them for different day parts. For example, a female voice might announce the time during the morning drive while a male voice announces the time during the afternoon drive.


For other automated announcement systems, ask your ENCO sales representative about A.I.M. for natural sounding text-to-speech generation. A.I.M. can be used for S.A.P. channels or for a variety of broadcast and commercial sound applications.


For questions or assistance with setting up TAMS, contact ENCO Systems Technical Support at (248) 827-4440 and select option 2.

Client Corner

KLMI(FM) in Laramie, Wyoming is one such station that was seeking further efficiencies in their production workflow. As an existing DAD and Benztown customer, the 50kW station owned by Wolf Creek Broadcasting was an ideal proving ground for the benefits of integrating the two systems.


ENCO Newsletter - ENCO Systems - KLMI%20Studio_ENCO_zpsfxuvxnec


With DAD’s immense storage capacity, KLMI has discovered new operational efficiencies through automated ingestion of Benztown content. Upon entering specific criteria, DAD automatically pulls relevant content for each on-air program from the Benztown cloud as it appears. Instead of waiting on a producer to receive and deliver content, it is now right there at the talent’s fingertips.


“This seamless integration has truly enhanced both the ENCO and Benztown experience,” said Shawn Faxon, owner of Wolf Creek Broadcasting. “Whereas we would previously manually log into Benztown from a web portal, download and ingest content manually, the transition to an automated workflow saves us additional time and labor in the very time-sensitive universe of live radio.”


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