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Make Better Radio

Visual Radio

Turn your radio station into a complete multimedia experience with automated camera switching, music video playout, and graphical overlays. Manually control every aspect of your production in real time, or let ENCO’s award-winning automation take care of everything, so you can focus on what really matters.

VidiGo Live is a fully automated software solution that automatically switches cameras and plays graphics by analyzing audio signals and control messages from DAD, mimicing a real director and saving time and effort.

Broadcast Pix is a live integrated production switcher that will simplify the creation of dynamic video content for visual radio or TV production. Broadcast Pix can be completely customized to suit your production environment or show.

TriCaster integrates an entire suite of studio capabilities into one solution: everything from recording, switching, overlays, and even streaming to your viewers. All completely automated by ENCO.

Benztown Imaging Libraries

Make Better Radio - ENCO Systems - unnamed-4Imagine having a constantly-updating library of radio imaging, promos, sweepers, song intros, IDs, drops, musicbeds, and other audio elements available in an instant. With Benztown, your station can have access to a whole library of professional audio assets, and with ENCO’s Benztown sync application, fresh content is downloaded and ingested into the your automation system automatically!

The ENCO application runs in the background on your DAD network and automatically syncs with your Benztown account for new content. Any fresh content is downloaded from the cloud and ingested into the DAD library.  It can even be setup to automatically populate array buttons with seasonal  or daily audio files.

Remote Broadcasting

Make Better Radio - ENCO Systems - EnCloud_Promo_2Have you ever felt constrained by where you can report form and how much gear you had to take with you? Have you ever wanted to control your DAD system from the road, literally? ENCO presents iDAD and interchange, a pair of tools that free those brands and enable your system like never before.  Now you can make the world your studio.

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