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Radio Broadcast Software Philadelphia, PA

ENCO Radio Broadcast Software Systems is the manufacturer of DAD, DADtv and enCaption. ENCO provides world class radio automation Philadelphia, PA , audio for video, and automated captioning solutions to the broadcast and A/V industry Philadelphia, PA . DAD is powerful radio automation and Radio Broadcast Software software enabling studio automation, radio production, internet radio, and playout for radio stations, clusters and networks from the largest in the world to the smallest facilities. From live-assist to full automated mode, DAD provides the most flexible tools and features in the Radio Broadcast Software industry. DADtv is stereo and surround audio for Live TV, Production TV, and Remote Trucks. Relied on daily by CNN, ESPN, CTV, Fox, NBC, QVC and hundreds more, worldwide. enCaption is the fully automated captioning system for live TV and video.  If your looking for Radio Broadcast Software Philadelphia, PA then give us a call today.
DAD is also a system for TV studio audio Philadelphia, PA used in TV production and live television. Major stations and groups use DADtv for surround production and TV audio playback. With the ability to handle multiple streams of linear surround audio content, no Radio Broadcast Software Philadelphia, PA product is more flexible than DADtv.

With a number of Radio Broadcast Software Philadelphia, PA interface choices available as well as support for TV audio automation working with products from Grass Valley, Ross and Sundance, DADtv fits into nearly every television production and live environment, including remote trucks.