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Featured Client: Cats FM

Cats FM is East Malaysia's first private radio station covering Sarawak and Brunei. With its famous tagline 'Nang Antap!' or 'Just For You', the station broadcasts music, interviews, news, and community updates 24 hours a day. This year marks its 20th year on the airwaves. As part of a facility upgrade, the station was looking to replace its aging automation system with a more powerful, reliable, and flexible solution.
After thoroughly evaluating available options, Cats FM chose to migrate to ENCO Systems Digital Audio Delivery (DAD) Radio Automation. DAD is a world renowned and award winning suite of software modules and tools which help broadcasters sound better and increase efficiency.

Featured Client: Cats FM - ENCO Systems - Blog - Cats%20FM_zpscopwyo3e
One of the challenges faced was to convert tens of thousands of audio materials from the old system to DAD, and ENCO distributor GBS lived up to their name and successfully delivered the system to CATS FM as promised; The on-air, standby and production studios are each now equipped with a robust DAD workstation for playout, production and voice over applications, and they are all designed with failover redundancy in mind to minimize downtime.
Cats FM joins thousands of stations around the world using DAD as an advanced, efficient, and proven broadcast solution. Backed by ENCO's reliable 24/7 support, the station will be able to receive live emergency support, software updates, and access to a comprehensive online knowledge base. Through the ENCO forum, they can discuss and share ideas with other stations using the platform.
With DAD's incredibly rich feature set, Cats FM can now reach and serve its audience in new and exciting ways from now and into the future. Read the full CATS FM story here.

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