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We’ve Benz Around Town


We’ve Benz Around Town - ENCO Systems - Blog - Benztown%20DAD%20Spacing_zpsybayb2jzENCO is always seeking industry partners that help us deliver comprehensive automated solutions to broadcasters that accelerate and increase content turnaround to air. Most recently, we thoroughly evaluated all production library and imaging companies that supply the radio industry. While all offer outstanding products and services, we believe our friends at Benztown offer the most comprehensive portfolio on the market.


This is the main reason we have chosen to partner with Benztown. By joining forces, the powerful combination of DAD automation and Benztown library and imaging services automate the previously all-manual process of ingesting and scheduling production library content into a radio automation system. The value to broadcasters is further amplified given Benztown’s unique ability to update and push content to ENCO’s DAD radio automation system in real-time.


We are elated to share that DAD is the first radio automation system to support this level of integration between automation and production library content. Check out the video about the ENCO-Benztown integration here and e-mail or contact your local ENCO representative to learn more.

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