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ENCO Amplifies DAD Radio Automation Functionality for Music Formats

Southfield, Michigan, May 19, 2015 – ENCO announces the release of Multi-Play mode, a new feature available in the latest DAD radio automation software suite that greatly enhances Live-Assist functionality within the on-air workflow for music station formats.

At its core, Multi-Play mode enables more intuitive console integration and seamless manipulation of audio assets. The Live-Assist Presenter module, when configured with Multi-Play mode, effectively displays to the operator exactly what is playing during segues and makes layering audio effortless. This integration results in Multi-Play Presenter, giving operators a highly agile, logical and easy-to-follow workflow that allows the operator to sequence and layer multiple, simultaneous audio tracks.

Multi-Play Presenter ramps up workflow efficiency by simplifying how operators air music segues with multiple shotgun liners, or mix music beds with multiple voiceovers on the fly. Additionally, operators have the creative freedom to play elements out of scheduled order without having to re-arrange the playlist. Multi-Play Presenter also adds an intelligent console interface, which allows operators to control shows from console faders and bus keys with confidence. Importantly, transitioning from manual interaction to full automation with DAD remains as seamless as ever.

“We designed the new Multi-Play mode based on input from many music stations that wanted more control and flexibility in their on-air interface,” said Ken Frommert, general manager, ENCO. “DAD version 15 with Multi-Play Presenter incorporates those demands and further enhances our software package to exceed the demands of the market.”


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