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Hindenburg: MultiTrack Editor

Hindenburg: MultiTrack Editor is made for radio.  Work anywhere with Hindenburg. In the field, on the airplane or at the office. Record, edit and share your radio stories as never before.

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Hindenburg Broadcaster is the first DAW to be a fully loudness compliant audio editor.  Levels are set automatically to broadcast standards. If you are a european broadcaster, levels are set to -23 LUFS. US levels are defined by  PRSS at  -24 LUFS. 

Sound is your brand and your reference sound is your on air sound. But this can be default to reproduce from home or the office. The Voice Profiler is an automated equaliser that can set an eq for you - based on your ideal sound. No more spending time with complicated filters. One click and the EQ is set. 

Hindenburg integrates flawlessly with DAD and will save you hours in production and deliver consistent radio segments.

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