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MultiCam provides automatic video switching for TV and Visual Radio stations.  They interface perfectly with DAD and MOM, so you can control your entire operation with ENCO automation.

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MULTICAM STUDIO is an all-in-one solution dedicated to recording and live streaming video production for your events (music festivals, sports, professional conferences, politics…).

One user can manage a production with up to 4 cameras + graphics overlay: titling, graphics, video playlist etc. with one hand on the joystick, the other on the touch screen. You don’t need multiple hardware units, scalers, or switchers...only a 3U rack server and a touch screen.

  • EASY TOUCH INTERFACE: No training needed
  • ONLY 1 OPERATOR needed to manage all live production
  • 4 SD/HD CAMERAS + 1 DVI-D INPUT in option
  • COMPOSITIONS: combine camera with other sources (media list, pc input, cameras)
  • RECORD: native or compressed format
  • LIVE STREAMING & PODCASTING (MP4 H.264, YouTube, Dailymotion,…)

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With MULTICAM RADIO, your radio station becomes a visual radio station with no need for human intervention. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) software module is connected to a voice detector and analyzes in realtime to do the switching for you: it’s fully automated.

The AI is connected to your existing radio automation in order to send commands like graphics overlay, name of speakers, jingle, advertisement etc. The MULTICAM RADIO AI is always listening to the XML commands coming from your existing radio automation. 

All the visual indication you want on air will be driven by your automation: the templates, logo, title are started and over related to the radio automation commands.

You can live stream your program 24/7 on the internet.

  • EASY SETUP: No scripting or macros required
  • NO HUMAN INTERVENTION: AI software operator
  • 4 x PTZ Cameras 1080p/i or 720p (RS232)
  • Best camera view is chosen by the AI adapted to the real situation in the studio
  • Auto start and stop the graphics overlay, title, logo, RSS feed, Social feed twitter, templates etc..
  • Recording, live streaming and podcast (MP4 H.264, YouTube, Dailymotion,…)
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