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Music Libraries

Freshen up your music...upgrade to the best sounding WAVEs! is the highest quality radio music source. Dave Scott invented SS32 automation while CEO of Scott Studios and invented GoldDisc and HitDisc CDs as CEO of TM Century (now TM Studios). His music has been a major source for more than 8,000 radio stations.  In 2014, over 500 stations ordered music from him.

  • True CD quality 1,440 bps WAVE files
  • Consistent levels!
  • Perfect segues & tight starts with any automation
  • Metadata titles, artist & timing for your automation
  • Cleanest lyric radio versions*
  • Your order is completely confidential
  • Excel music lists for scheduler input
  • Fast delivery by Internet or shipment of flash drive
  • Beat other WAVE music vendor prices by 10%
  • Buy any library, get Christmas half price


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All songs are uncompressed WAVE files digitally mastered with no processing other than normalizing for uniform levels. 

I want to upgrade my music!® is a registered trademark of Scott Traffic LLC.  
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