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NewsBoss is the most powerful, flexible and user friendly newsroom system, powering more than 500 newsrooms worldwide.  Scalable from a single user to hundreds of users, NewsBoss accommodates any workflow or individual needs.

NewsBoss - Additional Products - ENCO Systems - NewsBoss%20Database%20Engine_zpsl1w1pgqjNewsBoss is a complete suite of easy to use tools powerfully integrated around a central database engine for maximum efficiency.  Each component is custom designed to perform quickly and easily for broadcasters.

The NewsBoss system handles everything including data ingest, creating and editing stories, recording and editing audio, on air presentation, content distribution, automated archiving and more.  Supreme reliability, cutting edge capabilities and exceptional support set NewsBoss apart.

NewsBoss has image and video capability in addition to audio, making online publication easier. 

NewsBoss is extremely cost effective using standard PC hardware and Microsoft Windows and is fully Unicode compliant to handle multiple languages in the same system.


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Personalized Workspaces:

The NewsBoss interface is fully configurable to enable instant drag and drop between all sources, stories and newscasts.  The integrated Chromium-based web browser enables drag and drop from any website.

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Fast and Easy Audio Editors:

NewsBoss includes powerful and easy to use single track and multitrack audio editors tailored to newsroom requirements.

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Drag and drop simplicity:

Highlighted audio selections are dragged directly into stories to instantly create sound bites.  Out cues and time remaining are always visible when on air.

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The World’s Best On Air Prompter:

The NewsBoss Prompter is the world’s best radio presentation tool, with personalization for each presenter, faultless reliability and instant updates in live newscasts.

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Multimedia and Social Media:

NewsBoss includes image and video capability enabling easy publication to websites and other locations.  Twitter and other social media can be managed within NewsBoss.


The Radio Newsroom Automation System for Professionals
  • NewsBoss® is the powerful newsroom system designed for radio news professionals and used by hundreds of radio newsrooms around the world.
  • NewsBoss provides an entire suite of powerful specialized tools designed to enable you to deliver the highest quality news content possible.
  • News gathering, content creation, newscast management and on-air presentations are faster and more accurate with NewsBoss. Designed to work like you do, NewsBoss combines ease of use, speed and advanced features in a complete system for radio news production.
  • Whether a small single-person newsroom, or a large 24 hour “all news” station, NewsBoss gives you the edge you need to produce compelling news.


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Key Features and Benefits

  • A complete solution for Radio News Production.
  • Optimized for Radio.
  • Designed to minimize time and resources needed to gather create, manage and present high quality news.
  • Modules are tightly integrated for enhanced speed and efficiency.
  • Central database ensures universal access to content in real time from any workstation.
  • Highly customizable interface options enable unique user workspaces.
  • Highly flexible configuration options enable support for any news format or workflow. Short Newscasts, 24 hour All News, News Programs, Commercial, Public and Government radio.
  • Unicode compliance enables use in any language or multiple languages.
  • Scalable. Single user to hundreds.
  • Cost effective and value for money.
  • Easy to learn yet highly powerful.
  • Runs on standard PC hardware and Microsoft Windows.



Newsgathering from multiple sources is easier than ever with NewsBoss. Access news agency wires, RSS feeds, Twitter and browse the web. Preview audio actualities, check reporter contributions, record and edit interviews, all from the same intuitive interface. All content data sources are instantly updated and available with a keyboard command or click of a mouse. 
Incoming information can be organized to suit personal needs enabling users to concentrate on what is important. Automated visual and audible alerts ensure breaking stories are not missed. And, because it is designed for collaborative use, all content is available to everyone from any NewsBoss workstation.


Creation of great scripts and tight audio clips is the core task for professional journalists. The powerful tools in NewsBoss simplify this process, enabling content creation in record time.  Single step commands performing multiple functions speed up routine tasks.   Multiple tabbed editing windows with drag and drop functionality make it easy to work on several scripts at the same time and have numerous sources at your fingertips.
The single track audio editor enables fast assembly of multiple grabs from the same audio track, with a finished clip ready for air in seconds. The multi-track editor is a simple to use, yet powerful tool for more complex audio tasks.Linking of audio clips in scripts is an easy drag and drop operation and the native audio player enables linked audio clips to be quickly previewed.


NewsBoss enables total control and excels in ease of use, speed and reliability. Manage news agency wires, scripts, audio clips and multiple newscasts from a single interface using advanced and flexible configuration options not found in any other radio newsroom system.
Preparing newscasts has never been easier. Script and line-up changes are instantly reflected  throughout the NewsBoss system, including the on- air booth, so you can easily add a breaking story even while the newscast is going to air.Advanced features including automatic newscast timing, newscast rollover, segment and commercial break management, automated export to web sites, queue based purge intervals, and automated content  archiving ensure maximum control and efficiency.


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Accurate On-Air presentation is the ultimate goal for radio news professionals. NewsBoss features  the world's finest smooth scrolling radio prompter, enabling confident and reliably presented  newscasts. Features include integrated audio, dynamic newscast updates, as well as QuickStartTM buttons to  play intros and sounders.

NewsBoss® is a registered trademark and QuickStart is a trademark of Desktop Technologies Pty. Ltd.  

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