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How does PADapult Work?

PADapult - Additional Products - ENCO Systems - PadlivewebPADapult gives you the power to create and distribute 'now playing' information, along with compelling message casting content by sending real-time text data out to RDS, HD Radio, your web site and other destinations - up to ten total! PADapult works great with DAD, but also can work with other automation systems to deliver 'now playing' data direct to web sites and receivers. Plus, PADapult and our PADLive! Module let you play CD’s on air or do live news/sports/talk programming, and still have real-time, relevant text sent to HD Radio, RDS or your station’s web site! In fact, PADapult also supports social networking destinations like FriendFeed and Twitter, to help you keep connected with your audience!
Along with program-related data, PADapult can also be used for scheduled messages ranging from traffic and weather info to promotional or commercial material to Amber alerts, giving you more ways to cross-promote, brand and generate additional revenue! PADapult allows you to create, schedule and maintain an unlimited number of pre-defined messages, then track them for billing. If you have a compatible automation system (like DAD), you can even send iTunes song ID information to iTunes tagging enabled HD Radio recievers, allowing additional revenue opportunities. PADapult also supports ENCO’s exclusive Content Adaptive Processing, allowing you to vary your audio processing based on the type of audio content, automatically, when used with compatible Omnia and Vorsis audio processors...regardless of automation system!
Since PADapult is a stand-alone application, you can use it with any automation system. Plus, PADapult is an outright purchase, not a monthly service, so you only pay once! Take control of your data, simplify it, create with it, monetize it and get it 'out there' with PADapult!

PADapult Benefits:

  • PADapult can make you money with message casting, allowing regularly scheduled messages for station branding, promotional or commercial purposes.
  • PADLive!, included with PADapult, is easy to use and configure with three levels of priority for manual, 'instant' messages.
  • PADapult is a stand-alone application so it can be used with any automation system or on its own.
  • Text data can be sent to whichever service you choose, automatically or on the fly.
  • PADLive!'s comment field allows free-form information to be sent for emergency or promotional messages.
  • When used with compatible automation systems, PADapult supports sending of iTunes tagging information for HD Radio.
  • When used with compatible Omnia or Vorsis audio processors, PADapult supports Content Adaptive Processing allowing 'on the fly' changes to processing based on audio group/types.


PC running Windows XP Professional, connectivity to HD Radio Exciter/Importer, RDS encoder, web site, automation system and/or other services or pieces of equipment.
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