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Do you create video content?

If so, you may be covered by regulations that require you to caption your output for hearing impaired viewers. Until now, you've had very few choices, most of them very expensive and labor-intensive. Now you have an easier, more cost effective choice - enCaption3.

Watch the video below to see what's possible with enCaption3 R3.

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What is enCaption3?

enCaption3 R3, from ENCO, is a unique totally automated hardware/software system that can automatically generate captioning on live or recorded video. Using enCaption3 R3, content creators can provide real-time, live captioning to their hearing impaired audience anytime, without any advance notice and without the high costs of live captioners or signers.

Offline and Human Transcription

enCaption allows for offline, file-based transcription.  Simply load your audio or video files into the system and enCaption will return a full transcript.  We've also added the option for human transcription in the latest version, ensuring your transcripts are 100% accurate and free from the effects of background noise or crosstalk.


Technical Requirements 

Technical requirements are straightforward; AC power, clean (mix-minus preferred) audio feed of voice material to be captioned (free from noise, music etc.), a source for script material or an IP link to your electronic newsroom system (optional), a serial or IP connection to your closed caption encoder and IP connection to ENCO Systems for remote configuration and diagnostics. An executed ENCO enCaption Software License Agreement is required prior to system shipment. Supported languages include Danish, Dutch, English (American, Australian, British and  Canadian), French (Canadian and European), German, Greek, Italian, Modern Standard Arabic, Polish, Portuguese (South American and European), Romanian, Spanish (Latin American and European) and Swedish.

Join the growing number of broadcasters that rely on enCaption for their captioning needs.


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