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Manage your station, wherever you are.

EnCloud - ENCO Systems - EnCloud_Promo_2EnCloud is a collection of mobile or web-based applications that allow you to control your ENCO products from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.  At the heart of EnCloud is Interchange, a device that provides a safe and secure link from the outside world (iDevices, remote PC’s, etc.) to your DAD network. It is a simple 1RU rack mounted network appliance with three connectors (power, two network ports) and can be configured through your browser. This keeps your DAD network well-isolated from online risks while allowing you access from anywhere.

EnCloud currently features three main product categories: WebLib, Mobile, and Remote Voice Tracking, and will continue to expand. More information about each of these can be found below.

EnCloud WebLib

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WebLib is a web-based interface that allows you to view and modify your library, create or edit playlists, and even voicetrack into your playlists. WebLib can be accessed from a desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.


EnCloud Mobile

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Have you ever felt constrained by where you can report from and how much gear you had to take with you? Have you ever wanted to control your DAD system from the road, literally? ENCO presents iDAD and interchange, a pair of tools that free those brands and enable your system like never before.  Now you can make the world your studio.


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iDAD is a mobile application for the ENCO DAD and Presenter audio automation studio systems designed initially for the wildly popular iPhone, iPod Touch and brand new iPad tablet device from Apple. iDAD allows your news reporters and announcers to record, label and then send audio from the mobile device directly to their DAD or Presenter automation systems for timely playback using interchange.
iDAD also features a remote control function which allows easy control of a DAD or Presenter system from the mobile device using a simple array of buttons that represent various user definable DAD Command Language (DCL) based functions.

EnCloud - ENCO Systems - SendAudiosmall

Most DAD networks are well isolated, and typically for good reason. That’s why we created interchange, the device that provides a safe and secure link from the outside world (iDevices, remote PC’s, etc.) to your DAD network. It is a simple 1RU rack mounted network appliance with three connectors (power, two network ports). The browser based configurator allows you to easily configure your interchange.

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Interchange also provides the framework for a number of upcoming “remote oriented” features & products that we’re working on, plus you can run PADapult and a number of additional DAD utilities on the unit allowing you to have a powerful ‘utility players’ on your DAD team. Your investment in interchange will continue to pay dividends with new field upgradable optional features in interchange that can be easily added to your system as they become available.

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You can have as many of the no charge iDAD apps as you wish (available now from the iTunes App Store), so you can outfit your entire staff if you’d like. You control the access and security though the interchange.
It’s the perfect combination of power, convenience, access and security that lets you take show on the road to anywhere. With iDAD and interchange, the World Is Your Studio.

EnCloud Remote Voice Tracking

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