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Virtualized Automation System

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Do more with less with ENCO1ss!

ENCO1 is a fault tolerant virtualized solution designed around a unique specification for the radio automation environment.  It increases reliability, reduces operating expenses, and decreases your automation system's footprint - all while lowering a facility’s total cost of ownership.  ENCO1 is capable of replacing 5, 10, 20 or more workstations and servers in a single facility.  Virtualization has become standard practice in organizations of all types and sizes around the world, due to the advantages it offers such as agility, efficiency, and scalability compared to traditional physical infrastructures. The award-winning ENCO1ss allows broadcasters to operate their ENCO DAD automation system in a virtualized environment by using existing IP audio technologies. Because the system has been virtualized, any station or studio can be controlled from anywhere via a thin client.

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