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SideCAR Radio Logger

Let SideCAR set your mind at ease with its powerful recording and logging capabilities. Browse or search long-form recorded content with simple to use tools and run reports of specific events to verify regulatory compliance. Receive automated reports to track how your stations—and your competitors—are doing.

Use SideCAR to monitor and maintain compliance of your airstaff, playout system, and studio equipment. Quickly search and export portions of a program or generate reports based on programming, transmitter and EAS events or other special events logged in the SideCAR environment.

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Maintain and monitor legal compliance with built-in audio and event logging capabilities. Save and generate reports regarding identifications, as-run traffic reports, and speech-to-text logging and timestamping to keep your station and staff covered.


SideCAR is constantly being refined by broadcasters to provide the user with a truly intuitive logging and playback experience. SideCAR Web takes this one step further by allowing authorized users to access their recordings from anywhere in the world from a standard web browser.


SideCAR uses an advanced software architecture to provide reliable recording and monotoring from single-station facilities to large distributed networks. The web-based asset browser and player is simple to navigate and uses state-of-the-art technology for playback functionality, publishing, asset management and live monitoring of a station's on-air signal as well as web streaming service signal.

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