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About ENCO

Leading the Industry in Advanced Broadcast Solutions

Staying on the cutting-edge of innovation for over 30 years.

ENCO’s heritage began in 1983 by providing computer based process control for critical industrial applications. Building on our expertise in automation technology and an in-depth understanding of challenges faced by television and radio broadcasters, we focused on applying computer based automation to broadcasting. ENCO adopted the concepts of computer controlled automation found in high tech factories and applied them to the broadcast studio. In 1991, ENCO’s first digital audio delivery system, DAD, replaced error prone manual CART systems commonly used to sequence and play audio content. DAD increased flexibility and productivity for broadcasters and enabled trouble free automated formats that could run for an hour, or for days without intervention.

Today ENCO delivers world class broadcast solutions to thousands of television and radio broadcasters on six continents. Our solutions range from large multinational radio and television broadcast applications to the needs of the small market or community radio or television station. We bring our customers flexible solutions that improve workflows and increase efficiency, while delivering exceptional value, performance and reliability. Today’s technological pace is astounding.  Now and for the foreseeable future, broadcasters face increasing demand to compete in new places, and the need to readily embrace new technologies and media. We maintain our competitive advantage through constant innovation and adapting to the needs of the ever-changing broadcast landscape.  Pair this with amazing customer service and it’s no wonder that the largest broadcasters in the world rely on ENCO.

Clients About Us

Client satisfaction is our number one priority, and always has been. Read what our clients have to say about the ENCO team and systems.

“Only the ENCO system was able to meet our requirements; it's a powerful system that we know can develop with us. The ENCO team went out of their way to understand our special needs and meet them.”

Radio Adelaide logo
Deborah Welch — Radio Adelaide

“The entire ENCO staff has always been very prepared and competent, and is always available to intervene with immediacy as needed. Our requests and suggestions have been implemented with urgency.”

Radio Magic logo
Raffaele Barbieri — Radio Magic

“ENCO is absolutely the backbone of our station. Without it, the cost to run our 24/7 station would be astronomical.”

wjct logo
Alan Rhodes — WJCT-FM

“We are pushing this system very hard, and ENCO really delivers. This is a rock-solid platform.”

Dash Radio Logo
John Halterman — Dash Radio

“The engineering team, myself included, was impressed with how easy it was to install enCaption and interface it with our encoder. It only took a day and a half to have both systems up and running reliably, and producing highly accurate captions for live news.”

Fox 24 logo
Matt McCarthy — FOX 24

“Since we installed enCaption last fall, I’ve been extremely impressed with its features, operations and reliability.”

chesapeake logo
Maynard Scales — City of Chesapeake

Trusted by World’s Best Broadcasters

Our solutions are found in the studios and control rooms of broadcasters and A/V professionals worldwide, ranging from multinational and syndicated broadcasters to small community organizations.

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Our Partners

We partner with other industry leaders and innovators to provide customized solutions to fit your operation's needs.

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