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Traffic Scheduling

Manage all your advertising traffic, data, management, and reporting with Amily.  Amily’s comprehensive system for advertising arrangement covers all needs of an up-to-date advertising arrangement. The flexibility of the feature ranges allows for use by local or national radio stations, media providers, and more.

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Amily Features

Amily is the comprehensive and modern product family for the management of all processes surrounding advertising for electronic media.

Comprehensive Workflow

Manage the entire advertising workflow including marketing, sales, customer service, traffic, analysis, invoicing, and filing

Cross Media

Manage advertising operations for radio, television, webcast, podcast, point of sale, and print entirely within one system

Integrated & Modular

Provides collaborative and interactive workflow between sales, traffic, controlling, and finance with real-time monitoring

Inventory Management

Manage your entire ad inventory and reporting and analysis of all operations (sales, offers, contracts, customers, booking, etc.)

Seamless Integration with DAD

Amily is tightly integrated into DAD, creating a unified and seamless experience

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All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

Traffic Scheduling

amily.traffic covers all requirements of a modern advertising traffic in one concise system, making it the flexible traffic scheduling solution for broadcasters and multimedia providers of any size. During the whole workflow all information and changes are handled flexibly and are available to other departments at any time. The seamless transition to amily.crm as well as the optional amily modules and functionalities allow the efficient workflow of all core processes.

CRM Solution

amily.crm provides a platform for simple administration of relevant customer data, easy management, and evaluation of all contact reports and activities of the sales department, and quick creation and implementation of sales campaigns.


amily.dataware reliably guides you to the information you need and is extremely flexible when it comes to the wording of queries. You define what you need, switch filters, and define the data you need in the selected display.

Compatible Solutions

Amily works great when paired with other ENCO solutions. Maximize your station's potential with any of these products.

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