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Audio/Video Decoder and Automated Player

enStreamer is a dedicated-hardware solution for broadcast, studio transmitter links, in-store radio, and digital signage applications. enStreamer can decode a continuous stream of audio or receive audio and video files with playlists and store them locally for automated playout.

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enStreamer Applications

Due to its flexible and deployable nature, enStreamer can handle a wide range of tasks covering multiple industries.


Installed Sound & Storecasting

Create personalized playlists, complete with announcements and alerts


Digital Signage

Display timed announcements that automatically change based on any criteria


Live Decoder for Streaming STL

Decode your STL stream in real time


Confidence Monitor for Streaming

Keep an ear on your stream and make sure it's staying in sync


Automatic Failover for STL

enStreamer can replace your STL automatically in case of failure

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

Hardware I/O

Each enStreamer has multiple inputs and outputs for extreme flexibility.

4x USB Ports

Quickly adding new content or connect peripherals to adjust settings

2x Ethernet NICs

Transfer data to your enStreamer at incredible speeds over LAN or WAN.

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HDMI Output

Connect to a wide range of digital signage monitors with standard HDMI

1/8" TRS Audio Output

Independent audio output allows simultaneous storecasting and signage

Installed Sound & Storecasting

System integrators can provide more control over a client’s in-store announcements and background music. The advanced segue capability of enStreamer allows for perfect layering of music and pre-recorded announcements. Deploy multiple enStreamers to provide different programming or announcements to different departments, then rejoin the music in sync. It's like having a personalized radio station, custom tailored to the needs of your store.

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Tv with digital signage

Digital Signage

Signage contractors can now provide their customers with dynamic menus and greetings which can change at certain times of the day. Control digital signage with enStreamer’s high-definition video and powerful scheduled events. For installations in tight spaces, enStreamer is small enough to fit behind your digital sign display.

Automatic Failover STL

In the case of STL failure, enStreamer can take over automatically. With the ability to handle segues and timed events, enStreamer boasts more precision than the competition. Timed events, often used to denote top-of-hour identification, are recognized by the enStreamer unit in order to keep the programming on schedule. Segues and overlapped voice tracks will play out just as the operator intended. Furthermore, updates made to the playlist at the studio will be replicated on the enStreamer’s playlist almost immediately. When configured to playout from local storage, the enStreamer logs what is played and automatically sends that information back to the studio for reconciliation.

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Introducing enStreamer

Watch a quick video and see what's possible when you distribute audio and video content with enStreamer.

Compatible Solutions

enStreamer works great when paired with other ENCO solutions. Maximize your station's potential with any of these products.

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