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Fully On-Premise Automatic Captioning & Transcription

Fast, accurate, secure -- ENCO’s enCaption platform is the high-reliability, on-premise solution your live events need to both stay compliant with local regulations and help your broader audience access what’s being said.

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Captions for Video, CART, Signage & Transcripts

Our highly adaptable platform can embed Closed Captions into SDI video, overlay Open Captions on IMAG and drive CART displays & Websites, always saving transcripts, all in real-time.


24/7/365 Availability

No need to schedule, and no remote connections needed


Learns Names, Jargon, & Terms

Continually improves accuracy with custom word libraries and regional dialects


Multi-Speaker Identification

Automatically identifies when a different person speaks, and has punctuation abilities


Cloud Also Available

Custom Cloud ASR solution’s available too, if you want it


Our Techs or Yours

Hire ENCO as your service provider to manage the system, or we’ll help you remotely -- you’re choice

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

About enCaption

Dramatically evolving since 2006, enCaption is a patented totally automated appliance that can automatically generate captioning for your hard of hearing audience any time, without any advance notice and without the high costs of live captioners or signers. enCaption uses ENCO’s latest enhanced speaker independent deep neural network based speech recognition engine to closely inspect and transcribe your audio in near real-time.

desktop example of encaption user interface

Live or Offline Captioning

Got lots of recorded files that need sidecar captions or transcripts - the latest generation of enCaption also offers an offline file-based mode for automatically captioning pre-recorded content. Audio or Video files can be ingested into the system and immediately output to a number of different captioning file formats or sent out for optional human transcription.

NDI® Compatible

For the first time, event producers and commercial AV facilities with an NDI® infrastructure can add an automated captioning solution into their workflows. Once connected, enCaption will automatically generate captions through its NDI® input stream and output an NDI® signal with captions keyed directly on top of the video stream as Open Captions.

World Class Technical Support

All of our products are backed with 24/7 live emergency support and a comprehensive online support portal and knowledge base. Our technical support team boasts over 200 years of combined engineering experience in a wide range of broadcast professions including program directors, engineers, IT managers, and even on-air talent. From remote assistance to on-site installation, the ENCO support team is ready to help your station, even on a moment’s notice.

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