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Television Solutions

Reduce your operating costs over night with automatic real-time video captioning, instant audio playout, and TV-channel-in-a-box solutions.

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Our Television Solutions

Leading the Industry in Advanced Broadcast Solutions

Automated Captioning

Reduce your operating costs overnight with advanced speech recognition for automatic real-time video captioning.

Real-Time Caption Translation

Reach your entire audience, regardless of their preferred language with enTranslate, a patented solution for providing automatically translated captioning.

Instant Audio Playout

Intuitive audio playout system that harnesses the power of ENCO’s media library and as-played logging and makes it all available with the press of a button (or a touchscreen).

TV Channel-in-a-Box

Unite your entire production workflow with automatic ingest, media asset management, graphics, and playout automation, together in one platform.

Instant Video Playout

An all-in-one hardware solution for instant video playout. Designed with simplicity and effortless logging in mind.

Audio Playout & Management

A great television production is only half video...make sure your program’s audio is perfectly on time and flawlessly played out.

Compliant Text-to-Speech

Audio Insertion Manager is a simple, high quality solution for 21st CVAA compliance or other Text-To-Speech (TTS) related tasks.

Compliance Monitoring

Cost-effective recording and compliance solutions for ensuring broadcasts meet regulatory requirements.

Trusted by World’s Best Broadcasters

Our television solutions are found in the control rooms of multinational broadcasters and community stations alike.

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Our most popular television products.

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