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DAD Benefits

  • Handles audio delivery from full automation to totally live on-air operation
  • Includes our 4th Generation Live Assist Interface
  • Ensure accurate playout of commercial spots
  • Rapidly perform simple edits to fit time constraints
  • Utilizes the latest standard hardware components for total flexibility
  • Create “live sounding” automated formats quickly and easily
  • Integrate news, traffic, weather and other sources into a single activation screen
  • Remote operations quickly produce the right content, at the right place at the right time
  • Scaleable to meet your needs now, and the flexibility to address future requirements as needed

How does DAD Work?

DAD is a complete playout solution scalable from the largest multinational television or radio broadcast application to small closed circuit systems found in professional sports venues. DAD is a third generation software system built upon ENCO’s proven and widely accepted family of products in use at thousands of facilities worldwide. Running on standard off-the-shelf PC hardware, DAD’s complete toolkit allows broadcasters to implement an audio delivery and automation system that precisely meets their needs. Combining rich functionality of multiple reproducers or “players” and recorders, flexible array panels and user defined hot keys, DAD enables broadcasters to optimize performance for their specific requirements. It provides a platform for integrating the many sources of content flowing into today’s modern broadcast environment including news, traffic, weather, scheduling as well as reconciliation to billing and corporate information systems. DAD is available as software only, or as a turnkey system delivered with ENCO’s tested and proven hardware configurations.

:: DAD Modules

All of the below ‘virtual machines’ are included with each DAD license.
Library access and playlist modification tool. Includes database maintenance functions, command cut editor, DCL support, priority play buttons.
Our 4th Generation live assist machinefeatures integrated mini-array as well as full automation controls and live assist features.
Includes full screen and two half screen of array or “Cart Wall” panels with 960 buttons per user. PLAY Single playlist-based player, capable of live assist
or fully automated operation. Includes 4 per workstation.
Full screen master log player typically preferred for fast paced live assist formats.
Machine designed for free form live assist or external control by video switchers or automation controllers. 16 independent players.
Essentially a quadplay machine with added functionality for playlist scheduling.
Voice over recorder and editor. Used for “live sounding” automated programming.
Single recorder supporting Auto Record. Includes 4 per workstation.
Simple, fast stereo audio waveform “cut and paste” assembly editor.
Script display machine with embedded audio support. Supports simple text, SML and HTML display.

:: DAD Options

Add the Presenter user interface to your DAD system, giving you the ultimate combination of power and ease of use.
Operates as complete scheduling system or as an interface to popular third party music and traffic scheduling systems.
Enables broadcasters to quickly develop webcasting formats to supplement streaming audio to the worldwide web.
CoolDAD integrates Adobe Audition® (CoolEdit) with DAD for fast access to powerful multitrack editing tools.
Interface to NEWSBOSS® and ENPS® Newsroom systems.
Fully integrated music scheduler, allowing creation and scheduling a playlist using rule, clock and group based controls from within DAD or Presenter
Allows quick, effortless conversion of a variety of audio file formats, enabling users to readily incorporate audio cuts from almost any source directly into DAD’s library.
Integrate single or multiple third party scheduling systems with the DAD environment.
Enables a broad range of internet or intranet applications to access DAD library audio and cut information.
Automatic back-up, data redundancy and parallel data availability for all DAD files.
Provides multiple library functionality addressable from individual workstations and playlists.

Presenter :: The Next Generation of DAD Software


:: Clear Color Coded Labels

Every event has a legible label with title, artist, year, trivia, intro, length, ending, advertiser name, outcue and announcer initials. Every label can be individually colored or color coded by category. As something plays, a progress bar moves from left to right on the label to show time remaining. The Start button counts down the intro and the Auto button at the top left counts down the time remaining.

:: Simple and Easy To Learn

Presenter automatically puts your spots, songs, promos, network shows and live scripts from your program log into the stack on the left. You play anything with the Start button at the left of each label. The Auto/Manual button at the top left switches from auto-segue automation to live assist at a touch. Your announcers can rearrange events by touching any label, then touching any other location for an instant move. Every recording’s start and end can be auditioned at any time, even when it’s on the air.

:: 32 Fast Fire Cuts At Your Fingertips

On the right, you have 16 or 32 instant play buttons you can play on the spur of the moment. In addition, you can access over 500 cuts within a second or so. You can gracefully fade the cut out with a second touch of the Fast Fire button. Every recording shows length and console fader, counts down as it plays and can be changed very quickly.
Note that the stack of log events always remains visible on the left side of the screen. It shows what’s on the air now and what’s coming up. There are areas on the right at the top and bottom that change as you need them.


:: Fingertip Log Editor

When your announcers want to see or update anything on the full log, they bring up the Playlist Tool, shown here at the top right. You use it to edit any event anywhere in any log. Pick what you want, then copy or cut it, then paste it where it should go. There are also swap functions, a manual insert and ability to audition anything at any time.
You can quickly jump to any hour of the log with the Hour/AM/PM buttons on top of the Playlist Tool. All columns, fonts and colors are user definable. You can also see the History Tool, which displays either played or Make Good events. Missed items can be copied anywhere in the Playlist. Announcers also use the Playlist display to back announce music sweeps and promote upcoming songs.  Sales and traffic people can also get a stand-alone Playlist Tool. Logs can be viewed or updated to add or change spots from any computer in the station.

:: Voice Tracker To Die For

Managers tell us repeatedly that Presenter’s powerful Voice Tracker makes their announcers sound better and saves their stations money. Announcers hear song heads and tails in their headphones while recording. On-screen waveforms are shown for these heads and tails in the Tracker area at the lower right. These graphs mean your announcer sees the natural talkover points and fadeouts before he hears them. With Presenter, Voice Tracks usually sound great on the first take. Our Hit The Post feature fixes timing issues without any re-recording.
In automated shifts, if any song gets skipped due to an overloaded hour, the associated voice track is also dropped automatically.

:: Remote Voice Tracking by Internet

You can easily share distant announcers who voice track. Corporate uniformity or duplicate libraries are not required. ENCO’s Gateway Internet file transfer utility transfers everything needed for voice tracking with surrounding material in headphones to the remote announcer. The talent voices your show. Gateway immediately brings it back to your studio in the background. No user intervention is required so the studio where it will air can be unattended.

:: ENCO's Stretch and Squeeze

Your timing to network shows will be perfect with Presenter. Note the automatic over/under calculation on the second button at the top left. In live shows, you can fill with talk and Fast Fire keys. In automation, songs are automatically stretched or squeezed slightly to time exactly as needed with no change in pitch.
Regardless how spots were recorded, they can play as perfect 30 or 60 seconds for network substitutions.

:: Fast Requests

The Library Tool brings up Presenter’s Wall of Carts with all your songs on-line! Touch the tune you want and it plays instantly.  You can find the title, artist, length, year, or category you want by touching the first few letters of its name, either on a regular keyboard or an on-screen keyboard. You also see the last date and time it played to avoid repetition.  In addition, spots, jingles, sound effects, comedy bits and promos have their own Cart Walls. They can play immediately or be added to the log.

:: User Tool

Each announcer has his or her own private Library area, such as comedy for morning shows, special jingles for request shows, actualities for news, etc.

:: Great Phone Recorder

Every time an announcer answers the phone, it can be automatically recorded and cut numbers auto-assigned. There’s no need to remember to start or stop a recorder or to number a cut before answering the phone.
Editing and airing great phone calls is fast and easy. Presenter’s editor lets you “scrub” audio to hear as well as see waveform edit points clearly. Finished recordings can be played from the recorder, added to the log or put on Fast Fire buttons. They also can be renamed. When played, Phone Recordings automatically count down to their end.

:: Live Copy On Screen

With Presenter, there’s no need to have a copy book, 3x5 cards or sticky notes in the studio. Live promos, contest copy, tags and requests can come up automatically and be read on your Presenter screen. You can also type in contest winner info or notes for other announcers.  Copy can also come in from office or news computers, Internet sites, text messages and Twitter.

:: Remotes by Internet

ENCO pioneered the ability for you to make money, cover news and promote your station with remotes on short notice. Anywhere you have Internet access you can use a laptop computer to turn the remote microphone on and off, play requests and fine-tune your log, all with no board operator back at the station.

:: Production You Already Know

You save time in production because Presenter eliminates dubbing. You upload digital spots in seconds from Adobe Audition, Cool Edit and other Windows audio editors. Spots, songs, actualities can be recorded and played on any PC, music player or cell phone.

:: Unattended Imports

Audio from outside sources can be automatically brought into Presenter from the Internet and played immediately, even when you’re unattended.

:: Built-In Net Catcher

Automatically record and time shift news, traffic reports, sports shows, weather and network features. Presenter even plays feeds while they’re still recording.

:: Seamless Consolde Interface

Most consoles can be wired to interface perfectly with Presenter. Start buttons on the log event stack can turn on and off microphones, and console buttons can start any desired event. We also offer an optional HotShot for 84 additional Fast Fire buttons that are always ready.

:: CD Ripper & Modify Tool

Save dubbing time and maintain 100% digital quality with Presenter’s Ripper Tool. Any computer can quickly transfer songs in a fraction of play time. Presenter’s Ripper can even fill in most titles, artists and other info without you having to type it in. The Modify Tool also works as a simple “cart” recorder.

:: Know Exactly What Happened

You always get clear printouts that show everything that airs, with details when changes are made. Presenter gives you clear discrepancy reports that automatically work seamlessly with every brand of traffic/billing and music software. You get accurate billing, automatic reconciliation of logs, affidavits, and recycling of music to the music scheduler.

:: Close the Music-Traffic-Studio Loop

ENCO pioneered the concept of integrating studio systems, music scheduling and traffic from different vendors into a single station workflow. Presenter, combined with StreamLine brings a whole new definition to the ‘live log’ concept providing you choices that nobody else does. Pick from a number of leading traffic and music scheduling vendors who are StreamLine partners to close the loop and take control of your business operations.

:: PADapult

Presenter puts song title and artist info on your website, RBDS and PAD data on your HD displays. You also get tools for Twitter and other digital networking.

:: Tailored to You

Whether you need just a few software modules for a small station or a large turnkey system with ENCO’s tested and proven hardware, our 26 years’ experience proves you—and your announcers—will love Presenter!