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About Us

ENCO has been a world-class provider of technology for the broadcast, audio, and video industries for over 30 years.

ENCO team at NAB 2022
Team members at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas, NV

In 1983, after seeing the challenges that television and radio broadcasters encountered daily, ENCO was born to help automate their production processes.

ENCO adopted the concepts of computer-controlled automation found in high-tech factories worldwide and applied them to broadcasting. In 1991, we poured every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears into the first digital audio delivery system, DAD. DAD replaced error-prone manual CART systems commonly used to sequence and play audio content. DAD has increased flexibility and productivity for broadcasters and enabled trouble-free automated formats that can run for an hour or for days without intervention.

In 2005, we applied our innovative approach to Automated Speech Recognition (ASR) technology, and enCaption a live automated captioning solution was born. enCaption offers an easy and affordable option to provide an around-the-clock generation of captions for live or recorded programming. Still, this wasn’t enough, so we drove to improve the functionality of enCaption. When used alongside enTranslate, enCaption can provide real-time translated captions in 27 different languages.

ENCO employee demoing a product at TATOA 2022
Team member at TATOA 2022 in McAllen, TX

Other innovations in our history include harnessing our DAD platform to address the layout automation needs of video broadcasting with ClipFire. Further, our HotShot instant audio playout system added enterprise-level logging and reporting features, making it the preferred choice of some of the world’s largest sports broadcast networks, mobile production fleets, and big-league venues.

ENCO employee demoing at NAB 2018
Team member at NAB 2018 in Las Vegas, NV

As a result, enCaption, DAD, ClipFire, and HotShot have been recognized continuously for the functionality, accuracy, interoperability, and flexibility that broadcasters, AV professionals, event managers, and engineers crave in their day-to-day operations.

ENCO employee demoing at NBT Tour 2022
Team member at NBT Tour 2022 in Lansing, MI

In July of 2022, in response to the increasing need of an on-premises option for advanced translation of live Spanish-language, ENCO acquired TranslateTV (TTV) and Sentinel Solutions. This strategic move enabled new business opportunities with customers who prefer to host their own systems and remain independent of the cloud. TTV’s proven technology has helped to pave the way for open captioning of meetings, classes, worship services and other AV-related events.

TranslateTV logo

Continuously pushing forward, ENCO acquired RUSHWORKS January 1, 2023. The acquisition came about to help increase the number of products that ENCO and RUSHWORKS have access to. Plus, with the combined over 100 years of knowledge between the two companies, we are excited to take our products, services, and knowledge to the next step.


Our Clients

ENCO solutions can also be found in studios and control rooms of broadcasters and A/V professionals worldwide. We serve clients ranging from multinational and syndicated broadcasters to local community organizations.

We are proud to be the official Radio Automation provider for some of the nation’s largest radio broadcasters including: ESPN Radio, Fox News Radio, and CNN Radio. ENCO’s DAD - Digital Audio Delivery - makes managing your station a breeze.

enCaption, our Al software solution that automatically generates captions and time-stamped transcripts is behind the scenes at several large corporations including NBC Universal and Telemundo.


Additionally, enTranslate our automated translation and captioning software is used by Stanislaus LAFCO to translate their meetings in real-time. This allows members of the community more easily understand what is being said in a viewer's native language and by extension expanding the number of viewers able to consume their content.

Companies such as WWE, Bally Sports, and NBC Sports rely on the power of HotShot, ENCO’s instant audio playout system. HotShot is perfect for live production, stadiums, arenas, OB trucks, and so much more!

Telemundo ENCO system

ClipFire is a complete automated playout system melding automatic ingest, media asset management, graphics, and playout automation into one platform. Operators at WGN, KTLA, and Ramsey Solutions can ingest, schedule, edit, and play out media from the same system.

ENCO ClipFire system at Kid Rock concert

When you think of companies such as New England Sports Network, Big Ten Network, and CBS Sports Network you probably think of your favorite team, but did you know that ENCO is behind the sounds of those games? DADtv is an all-in-one solution to deliver perfectly timed and flawlessly played-out audio for networks such as these.

ENCO HotShot at Big Ten Network

As we continue our journey to develop the future of live automated captioning, radio automation, tv automation, automated playout, and robotics, we could not be more proud to provide our services to multi-billion dollar companies all the way to local community stations. And we look forward to bringing you cutting-edge solutions for years to come!

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