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Simplifying Virtual Production and Augmented Reality

QIMERA is a real-time virtual production compositing tool that allows you to create the most advanced virtual sets and augmented reality graphics on the market. Qimera was developed and designed with today's dynamic television production workflows in mind and has an easy and intuitive user interface.

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  • Qimera Chroma features

    Qimera Chroma

    The state-of-the-art Chroma key from Qimera enables you to create a high-quality composition without needing external keyers. With QIMERA CHROMA virtual and real shadows are exceptionally life-like.

  • Tracked System

    Tracked enables you to have real camera movements inside a Virtual environment, to create a more seamless broadcast experience. TRACKED works with industry-standard tracking systems like Mo-Sys, Stype, Ncam, Antilatency, and HTC Mars to ensure flexibility for the user.

  • Qimera trackless system

    Trackless System

    Users can create virtual sets or Augmented reality elements without a tracking system. Using virtual camera movements allows for a more immersive experience in virtual environments while keeping budget in mind.

  • Qimera flightcam


    FLIGHTCAM is a virtual Jib that will enable you to create stunning camera movements in your live production set. FLIGHTCAM is not limited to height or movement inside the set and moves freely to create amazing camera shots without needing a tracking system.

  • Qimera Weather It

    Weather It

    A real-time weather system that enables you to make immersive weather reports with rain, snow, tornados, hurricanes, and more. Weather It can connect with weather services via json or xml.

  • Talent Tracking

    Allows the presenter to walk freely through the Virtual set and be in front or behind any 3D element providing a better sense of depth.

  • Qimera Logo


    Calibration is a compilation of tools to calibrate lenses, chroma key Matte, and tracker settings. Calibration allows you to:
    - set the offset between the center of the camera lens and the tracker.
    - determine several camera positions within a scene for multiple camera shots saving time and optimizing your virtual set.
    - define the space of your cyclorama to create the Matte to use in your virtual set.

  • Unreal engine logo

    Unreal Engine

    Qimera works natively on Unreal Engine’s platform and unleashes all of its virtual production features through an intuitive and easy to use UI designed for the day to day TV Broadcast.

  • Qimera Library UI


    The Qimera Library makes 3D assets available for news, sports, and entertainment. Each of these elements can be modified in real-time, shortening production time and the need for a graphic designer. The Qimera library is updated monthly, thus expanding the selection of graphical material.

  • Qimera switcher UI

    Built-in Switcher

    The switcher allows you to connect up to 4 cameras to the server and switch the cameras. In addition, we can create Macros or buttons to generate actions that accompany the scene, such as transitions, graphics or augmented reality elements.

  • Qimera Composition UI


    A user-friendly composition module allows the fusion of layers from virtual reality with your set. Composition blends up to 7 layers including the background, camera feeds, and augmented reality elements. This feature also enables you to create TRACKED and TRACKLESS compositions. You can use an external composition device like Blackmagic ULTIMATE thanks to it’s internal KEY and FILL functions and independent video outputs per layer.

  • Qimera Charts UI


    Graphic tools that enables you to create bars, pie charts, maps and more with data import of CVS files or JSON files. The data can be submitted manually or automatically.

  • Qimera Screen Mapping

    Screen Mapping

    Enables users to create, control and modify Virtual screens and billboards within a Virtual environment. The virtual screen feed can be an SDI, NDI, or still image in Vertical and Horizontal arrangements.

  • Qimera Inside game UI

    Inside Game

    Sports commentators can bring team formations, player spotlights, play tracing and play analysis using the digital sports 3D tactic board. Users can control the features from a tablet or smart phone with outstanding augmented reality assets.

  • Qimera Hardware


    - NVIDIA® GeForce RTX™ 4090  GPU
    - Windows 11 Pro
    - 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i9-13900H
    - 128GB DDR5-4800
    - 2x 1TB PCIe® 4.0 NVMe™ M.2 Performance SSD

World Class Technical Support

All of our products are backed with 24/7 live emergency support and a comprehensive online support portal and knowledge base. Our technical support team boasts over 200 years of combined engineering experience in a wide range of broadcast professions including program directors, engineers, IT managers, and even on-air talent. From remote assistance to on-site installation, the ENCO support team is ready to help your station, even on a moment’s notice.

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