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Radio Automation Software

ENCO has been redefining radio ever since our flagship automation solution, DAD, debuted in 1991.

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Our Radio Automation Software Solutions

Leading the Industry in Advanced Broadcast Solutions

Radio Automation

The world renowned and award winning DAD is the most flexible, powerful, and reliable radio automation system on the planet.

Mobile & Web Access

You’re there when the news breaks.  Shouldn’t your automation system be there too? With web-based applications, it can be.

Virtualized Solutions

Increase reliability, reduce operating expenses, and decrease your automation system's footprint - all while lowering your total cost of ownership with ENCO1.

Compliance Logging

Set your mind at ease with powerful recording and logging solutions. Maintain and monitor legal compliance with built-in audio and event logging capabilities.

Traffic & Scheduling

Take charge of your playlists with traffic & scheduling solutions capable of meeting the needs of small-market stations and top 50 market clusters and networks alike.

Podcasting & Streaming

Find new opportunities to monetize your content and cover the entire media landscape of where audiences exist today with turnkey streaming solutions.

Weather Alerts

Upgrade your weather alerts with natural voices and ensure your reports are always accurate. Automatically receive and schedule daily forecasts, detailed market specific weather reports, and severe weather coverage.

Voiceover, Imaging & Jingles

Get instant access to best-in-class imaging and production libraries, accessible directly from your DAD library. Fresh content is automatically downloaded and ingested, so you'll never have to manually download it again.

Latest Radio News

Here you'll find the latest news about ENCO's radio software solutions.

Trusted by World’s Best Broadcasters

Our radio solutions are found in the studios of multinational broadcasters and community stations alike.

Featured Radio Products

Our most popular radio products.

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