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Virtualized Automation Environment

ENCO1 is a fault tolerant virtualized solution designed around a unique specification for the radio automation environment.  It increases reliability, reduces operating expenses, and decreases your automation system's footprint - all while lowering a facility’s total cost of ownership.  ENCO1 is capable of replacing 5, 10, 20 or more workstations and servers in a single facility.

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ENCO1 Features

ENCO1's virtualized environment offers increased agility, efficiency, and scalability compared to traditional physical infrastructures.

Reduced Operating Expenses

Save money on maintenance, energy, and future upgrades to your system


Increased Reliability

Fully redundant architecture allows for seamless and unnoticeable failover


Scale Up Instantly

Quickly create new workstations at the click of a button


Workspace Flexibility

Go live to air from any studio or use any of the available studios for production work


Powerful I/O

ENCO1 features the same powerful I/O you expect in a traditional workstation

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team

Advantages of Virtualization

One of the principle advantages of virtualization is the reduction in cost of ownership, realized in maintenance costs and the cost of hardware upgrades. This is due, in large part, because the upgraded hardware is a shared resource utilized by every virtual workstation and file server on the network.

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Fault Tolerance

With a virtual environment relying upon shared hardware for all operations, a hardware fault could undoubtedly cause an interruption if not properly setup to handle such a fault. The processors and memory in the ENCO1s work in lockstep to provide zero-interruption should the hardware fail or betaken offline for routine maintenance. This mitigates the risk of being off-the-air on account of a hardware glitch or a complete failure. In addition to lockstepped CPUs providing fault tolerance to the virtual system, multipath I/O provides a redundant connection to your AoIP and thin client networks.

Client Spotlight: RadiOhio

“On a purely operational level, ENCO1 eliminated the performance issues we were having with keyboard, mouse and touchscreen responsiveness across the KVM architecture,” said Greg Armstrong, Director of Engineering for WBNS-AM-FM, RadiOhio. “But the beauty of what ENCO1 offers is complete duplication of our automation operation across the entire facility, due to a fully redundant, fault-tolerant server. And we envision a considerable long-term cost savings given the longer life span and lower replacement costs of a thin client versus hardware-based workstations. ENCO appears to be well ahead of the curve in terms of virtualizing radio automation.”

"ENCO appears to be well ahead of the curve in terms of virtualizing radio automation."

-Greg Armstrong, RadiOhio


The initial deployment of a virtual system is easier than deployment of traditional workstations, especially when integrating with an existing AoIP network. Furthermore, when station personnel decide it is time to upgrade the hardware, the upgrades can be done quickly and with less downtime.

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Introducing ENCO1

Watch a quick video and see what's possible when you virtualize your environment with ENCO1.

Virtual-Ready Solutions

Maximize your operation's potential with any of these products, all proven to work in the ENCO1 virtual environment.

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