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Automated File Download

Automatically download files from the web or FTP sites, convert, and deliver them to your automation or audio delivery system.

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enConveyer being used on a computer monitor

enConveyor Features

Save time and streamline your workflow with enConveyor automated download.


Set and Forget Operation

enConveyor is easy to set up and requires no maintenance once configured


Flexible File Type Support

Powerful wildcards allow you to download just about any kind of file automatically


Error Alerting

Automatically emails you if a site is down, files are missing, or if files are an unexpected length


Integrated Help

Built-in help system guides users through setup and operation

Seamless Integration with DAD

enConveyor is tightly integrated into DAD, creating a unified and seamless experience

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

Robust Automated Downloading

If you broadcast any programs that are available on the internet, you know that there is a need for reliable, robust automated file downloading and delivery from a company you know and can trust. That’s why we created enConveyor.  This is a whole new take on downloading audio from FTP sites or the web for later broadcast.  Built with ENCO reliability and flexibility and then made easy to set up, easy to monitor and so reliable, it just sits there and moves your in and day out. It works great with our DAD and Presenter systems and it works great with your current automation system, too, as long as it can access a local or LAN-based directory.

enConveyer being used on a computer monitor

Easily Handles Multiple Formats

ENconveyor handles all of your automated audio file downloads from web or ftp sites on a user-defined schedule that is easy to set up and maintain.  It supports conversion to and from multiple unprotected file formats (including MP3, MP2 and PCM) and can handle sample rate conversions and can create stereo files from mono audio files.  PCM16 WAV files can be trimmed automatically to the first and last instance of audio at a user specified dB level.  enConveyor can even download and extract audio from unprotected video files!

File folders with different file formats that are supported by ClipFire

Powerful Wildcards

enConveyor supports a large number of wildcard options for file names and directory names, including * and ? wildcards for downloading multiple files simultaneously, all entered from our GUI based front end for easy user setup and configuration.  Site scans can be scheduled at a specific minute of specific hours of specific days of the week using a 24x7 grid, or can occur continuously at a user specified interval.  Rules can be “retried” if they fail to access a site.

ENconveyer wildcard example

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