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Automated Closed Captioning & Transcription
Serve your deaf and hard-of-hearing audience by making broadcasts, meetings, live streams, presentations, and VOD assets more accessible, and remain compliant with government regulations for a fraction of the cost of traditional captioning services.
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SCN 2022 Innovative Product Award

enCaption Features

enCaption is the leading captioning solution across multiple industries.


Live, Real-Time Captions

Highly accurate, low-latency with many languages available


24/7/365 Availability

Generate captions at a moment's notice, to help avoid government fines


Learns Local Places & Names

Continually improves accuracy with custom word libraries, rundown imports and regional dialects


Multi-Speaker Identification

Automatically identify when a different person speaks


On-Premise or Cloud Solutions

enCaption flexes to meet your operation’s specific needs, whether it's on-site, Cloud, or hybrid

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team

enCaption is...

enCaption is used across multiple industries for a wide-range of purposes. Learn how enCaption is being used:

Classroom - enCaption in the ClassroomBoard meeting - enCaption in meetingsRadio station - enCaption for Radiohockey arena - enCaption in Sporting eventscontrol room for broadcast - enCaption for use in secure environmentsLawyer and judge in courtroom - enCaption in the courtroom

About enCaption

enCaption is an AI software solution that automatically generates captions and time-stamped transcripts on-premise, in the Cloud or as a hybrid solution. Our captioning approach combines machine learning with advanced speech-to-text conversion and grammatical structure analysis to deliver exceptional accuracy with extremely low latency.

Live or Offline Captioning

Highly accurate with low latency and support for dozens of languages while available 24/7/365, enCaption's architecture allows for captioning of both real-time and file-based content. Audio or video files can be ingested and immediately exported as transcripts and sidecar files in any of several popular caption file formats. Sidecar caption files can then be re-imported back into video or saved for later indexing or editing, with all files easily accessible across a LAN. Plus, enCaption can be hosted on-site, in the Cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Client Spotlight: WISH-TV

WISH-TV is a proud affiliate of The CW Network and delivers the latest breaking news under out News 8 brand. Their owner, Circle City Broadcasting, also owns and operates MyNetworkTV affiliate WNDY-TV ("MyINDY-TV 23"), which provides around-the-clock entertainment, sports and local interest programming to central Indiana viewers. *enCaption4 has enabled us to expand our closed captioning to nearly everything we do. Having a machine that can handle all of our captioning needs is like a dream come true. I'm impressed with how far the technology has come over the years, specifically enCaption4. We had long hoped that someone would offer speech-to-text capabilities that work accurately enough for our on-air needs, so we could just hit a button and have it work. ENCO has done that with enCaption4.

"Having a machine that can handle all of our captioning needs is like a dream come true."

- MIKE Selby, wish-tv

No Training Required, Improves Over Time

enCaption is not an ENR/prompter-based system or a re-speaking system requiring live personnel to operate. Linking enCaption to your electronic newsroom system allows it to automatically access current and historical script information to build a local vocabulary, allowing the system to improve accuracy over time. Custom packaging can be configured to recog­nize a station’s specific set of words. Configure separate packages for different programs, weather, sports, political, religious, etc.

NDI® Compatible

For the first time, broadcasters, content producers, and commercial AV facilities with an NDI® infrastructure can add an automated captioning solution into their workflows. Once connected, enCaption will automatically generate captions through its NDI® input stream and output an NDI® signal with captions keyed directly on top of the video stream.

A graphic showing automated captioning in an NDI video production workflow

World Class Technical Support

All of our products are backed with 24/7 live emergency support and a comprehensive online support portal and knowledge base. Our technical support team boasts over 200 years of combined engineering experience in a wide range of broadcast professions including program directors, engineers, IT managers, and even on-air talent. From remote assistance to on-site installation, the ENCO support team is ready to help your station, even on a moment’s notice.

Fox 24 News uses enCaption to automate their closed captioning

Proven Solution

enCaption is a proven solution to meet the needs of television broadcasters, government institutions, and other industries. With regulatory captioning requirements a reality and enforcement increasing, ENCO’s enCaption system can economically meet your needs 24 hours a day. Whether you are captioning for video or open captioning for meetings or live events, don’t wait (or pay) for a live captioner. With enCaption, you’re ready now.

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See What's Possible with enCaption

See how you can provide more for your audience...and save money...with enCaption.

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