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enCaption5 Automated Captioning Earns Best of Show IBC 2022

Updates to ENCO's enCaption5 significantly raise the bar for speed and accuracy in live captioning and translation environments. Captions engage audiences and allow them to focus on what is being said, if you need more reason to include captions it was determined by Ofcom that 80% of people using captions were not part of the Deaf or Hard-of-Hearing communities. See what enCaption can do for you, today!

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WebDAD 3.0

On-air features of DAD, now accessible from your browser. From library and playlist maintenance to on-air control and voice tracking, it’s all there...even if you’re not.

The HTML5-based interface allows native access and control from any web-enabled device, introducing new operational efficiencies for full-time station personnel and allowing you to decentralize your workforce with part-time, contract, and remote staff.

Featured Products

Some of our most popular products, found in the control rooms of multinational broadcasters and community stations alike. Browse our entire product catalog by clicking the button below.

Featured ENCO Clients

Our clients are our number one priority, and we owe our continued success to them. Hear what they have to say about ENCO.

Dash Radio

Dash Radio delivers 65 radio stations to listeners worldwide, and automates its entire playout network using DAD automation. The customized DAD platform allows Dash Radio to drive up to 12 stations from a single workstation, dramatically reducing operational costs while enabling the same automated workflow power of a terrestrial radio network. Advanced features such as remote voice tracking and Dropbox-based file transfer eliminate the challenges of working with DJs broadcasting around the world.

“Their flexible model allowed us to launch with 50 stations and quickly scale to 65 at a very reasonable cost. The reliability has been off the charts,” said John Halterman, Dash Radio’s President of Operations. “We are pushing this system very hard, and DAD really delivers. This is a rock-solid platform.”

"This is a rock-solid platform."

-John Halterman, Dash Radio

Radio Magic

Radio Magic has been an ENCO customer since 1993. The two-station FM network serving southern Italy has long relied on DAD to simplify workflows and reduce costs and labor.  “We were the first broadcasters in the world to leverage a fully automated radio system from a single PC,” said Radio Magic General Manager Raffaele Barbieri. Radio Magic has now taken automated workflow simplicity further with the integration of ENCO’s Ensemble Music Scheduler and enCloud toolset.

“DAD has always worked well for us, and has simplified our work from both a time and staff point of view; without it, we would need at least 12 operators just to manage our on-air operation alone,” said Barbieri. “The new tools are as intuitive as the DAD applications we have added in the past, with a quick learning curve that allowed us to integrate them into our operation immediately. Because of this efficiency, we continue to save a great deal of money in regards to content management and on-air playout across the Radio Magic network.”

"DAD has always worked well for us."

-Raffaele Barbieri, Radio Magic

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