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Hardware Caption Encoder & Transcoder

The LRBox platform is a versatile and cost effective 100% hardware platform offering 3G/HD/SD-SDI I/Os with modular features. It provides on-the-fly video ancillary data insertion, extraction and bridging capabilities, together with On-Screen-Display engine for monitoring.

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DoCaption Applications

DoCaption is a "swiss army knife" for encoding and transcoding. It can interface with enCaption as a caption encoder, transcode between numerous caption formats, and even embed time values and other data within a video stream.


Caption Encoder for enCaption

Interface directly with enCaption to provide embedded captions in your video stream


608/708 to Teletext/WST Transcoder

Convert between international standards for caption formats


Scoreboard Data Encoder

Transmit frame-accurate game time and scoreboard information in one stream


Ancillary Data Insertion

Include timecode, scene information, or any kind of data within the video stream


Flexible Decoder

Decode a wide range of formats with a single hardware unit

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Caption Encoder

DoCaption is a simple, inexpensive yet full-featured solution for broadcast quality closed caption encoding, insertion, and monitoring. Available in PCI and standalone format, DoCaption cards are easy to install and set-up, space-saving, and energy efficient. If you need a caption encoder, or are looking to replace an outdated model, DoCaption is the perfect solution.

desktop example of encaption user interface

608/708 to Teletext/WST Transcoder

Caption formats vary greatly between countries, making it especially difficult to produce international programming or interface gear from different countries of origin. DoCaption will automatically detect the format of 3G/HD/SD-SDI inputs and output - even if they have different formats and framerates - and transcode them on the fly to your preferred format. Closed Captioning support is compliant with CEA-608, CEA-708, ST-334-1, ST-334-2, and WST/OP-42/OP-47/ST-2031 specifications.

Scoreboard Data Encoder

Instant replay systems rely on accurate synchronization between the scoreboard timing system and video playback. However, this delicate balance can be difficult to manage in a complex system of multiple video processing points. With DoCaption, you can embed the timing directly in the video stream, giving you complete confidence in your instant replay system when every frame matters.

A graphic showing automated captioning in an NDI video production workflow

Complimentary TV Solutions

DoCaption works great when paired with other ENCO solutions. Maximize your station's potential with any of these products.

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