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Compliant Text-to-Speech

Audio Insertion Manager is a simple, high quality solution for 21st CVAA compliance or other Text-To-Speech (TTS) related tasks.

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AiM Features

Keep your visually-impaired audiences in the know with AIM's natural voice modeling and low latency text-to-speech engine.


Remain Compliant

With 21st century CVAA guidelines and provide a better experience to your visually impaired audience



Reduce operating expenses and avoid government fines for not captioning


Natural Voices

AIM comes with multiple voice options so you can choose the best for your audience


User-Definable Dictionary

AIM's customized dictionary can easily handle local dialects and unique spellings


Logged Playout

Keep track of everything AIM plays out, ensuring legal compliance

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Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

AIM Benefits

AIM monitors watch folders for incoming XML or TXT files, prioritizes and converts text information to audio using an enhanced natural sounding Text-To-Speech converter. Audio Insertion Manager is a must-have for any television station. Use it to provide automated weather or sports updates, emergency alerts, and of course, accessibility to your visually impaired audience.

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Does my station need AIM?

The 21st Century Communication and Video Accessibility Act (CVAA) updates federal communications law to increase the access of persons with disabilities to modern communications. The ideal solution for serving your visually impaired audience and remaining FCC compliant is AIM-100 from ENCO Systems. While the main task of Audio Insertion Manager is automated SAP (second audio program) voiceovers, the possibilities of use are far greater. Use AIM to automatically voice weather and sports reports, emergency alerts, bilingual programming, or draw attention to urgent headlines or ticker information.

Natural Voice Modeling

Arguably the most impressive feature of AIM is the natural speaking voices, which give a lifelike sound that is much easier to understand than traditional text-to-speech processors, which often sound fragmented or robotic. Additionally, users can create a custom dictionary of pronunciations for the ultimate level of flexibility: from adding a regional dialect to creating a full list of specialized jargon, AIM’s custom dictionary can handle all of it. Text-to-speech has never been clearer or more enjoyable to listen to.

Use Case: TV Compliance

AIM is the final piece of the puzzle for complete TV compliance. It makes your programming accessible to visually-impaired audiences and ensures compliance with the latest FCC guidelines. Pair this with enCaption’s automated closed captioning and Actus’ compliance logging, and you can rest easy knowing your station is up to date on its FCC requirements.

The final piece of the puzzle for TV compliance.

Complimentary TV Solutions

AIM works great when paired with other ENCO solutions. Maximize your station's potential with any of these products.

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