Television Compliance Logging

Actus provides solutions for broadcast recording, compliance logging, and clips generation for OTT and social. These solutions include View, Clip Factory, Rating Analyzer, and Adwatch, all outlined below.

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Actus Modules

Actus is a modular media intelligence platform and television compliance logger.



Broadcast compliance and media monitoring intelligent platform


Clip Factory

Clips creation for OTT, social, web portals


Rating Analyzer

Rating and competitive analysis



Ads detection for ads verification and content monitoring



Local and remote quality assurance for video and audio recordings



Multiviewer to monitor all channels from one screen, configurable to any number of channels

About Actus

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ACTUS on computer Monitor

Future-Proof Solution

With advanced features such as IP ingest, support for multiple audio tracks, decoding of Dolby sound, multiple subtitle recording and extraction of EPG. Actus provides solutions for today while constantly looking to answer the recording needs of tomorrow.

Client Spotlight: British Sky Broadcasting Group

British Sky Broadcasting Group is the United Kingdom’s largest pay-TV broadcaster with approximately 9.8 million subscribers. When they faced the technical challenge of transitioning to an all-digital workflow, they chose Actus Media Monitoring because of its ease of use and versatility. The system saves time and money, while making exporting, e-mailing, and delivering media around the world a pleasurable task, unlike the nightmare it once was. Nathan Tanner, Manager Program Traffic at Sky, claims “Actus has really improved the workflows of BSkyB’s compliance department; we can now work faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

"We can now work faster and more efficiently than ever before."

-Nathan Tanner, British Sky Broadcasting Group

Digital Recording Solution

Digital media is all around us. Capture and effortlessly access it all with Actus’s multiple channel digital recording, retrieval and content repurposing solution. Record, store and retrieve it on a LAN/WAN environment, or allow access to remote users via the Internet. With Actus, managing a library of video clips has never been easier.

ENCO Range

Our automation solutions work equally well in broadcast, A/V, corporate, retail, and many other industries.

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