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Automated Captioning for Radio

Radio broadcasters can benefit from where Television broadcasters have been for decades, by using ENCO's enCaption to automatically caption & transcribe your verbal content - not to video, but to your website, streaming endpoint displays and various digital platforms, all while creating text transcripts of every word said on the air.

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How do you make radio news more accessible?

News & talk radio has long had a challenge - how to communicate with members of the deaf and hard-of hearing-communities. Radio broadcasters can now effectively address their audiences!

enCaption for Radio

Our automated AI-based, advanced Automatic Speech Recognition system generates text captions of every word said on the air, making those captions available for your Website, RDS transmissions, stations Apps, even large display screens. It’s fast and accurate, and totally on-premise (no Internet needed).

“ENCO is a leader in live captioning and is doing this better in real time in a fully automated way than any other solution we have come across.”

- Rob Bertrand
Senior Director of Technology WAMU

Live On-Air Captions

enCaption ingests the on-air signal path being routed to WAMU’s transmitter and online streaming encoders, enabling live, 24/7 captioning of all of WAMU’s on-air content. The captions created by enCaption are then fed to the station’s website, where they are displayed in a dedicated transcription page.
Generate text transcripts from your legacy audio recordings with ease, making them more accessible both in-house to your writers & editors, as well as your online audience. This is because the latest generation can optionally caption both Live and File-based assets with ease.

Products Implemented

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enCaption for Radio

enCaption for Radio provides real-time, live captioning of any words spoken, with distinct speaker change detection and is displayed live on a website

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enCaption provides real-time, live captioning to audiences any time, without advance notice or high costs of live captions

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Client Spotlight - WAMU in Washington, DC

NPR Member Station WAMU helped pioneer a proactive approach to captioning and transcribing their essential newsworthy oral programming to the benefit of a large and engaged deaf and hard of hearing community in America’s capital.

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News & Blog

How WAMU 88.5 FM Captions its Live Local Radio Shows

Whether it’s broadcast television or video streamed over the top, viewers are familiar with closed captioning on their screens. This is because the FCC mandates on-screen captions to make the audio portions of over-the-air TV broadcasts accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing.

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WAMU-88.5 Makes Radio Accessible with enCaption

By offering live local radio captioning, WAMU is broadening its market reach by making its programming accessible to the deaf or hard of hearing, including those associated with Gallaudet University—a world-renowned Washington, DC-based university that serves deaf and hard of hearing students.

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