Radio Logging & Recording

Let SideCAR set your mind at ease with its powerful recording and logging capabilities. Browse or search long-form recorded content with simple to use tools and run reports of specific events to verify regulatory compliance. Receive automated reports to track how your stations—and your competitors—are doing.

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SideCAR Features

Maintain and monitor legal compliance with built-in audio and event logging capabilities.


Time- and Text-Based Searching

Allows for easy reporting and confirmation of announcements and commercial spots


Modern Architecture

Allows the solution to scale up or down as needed and either controlled from one point, or in a distributed manner


Web Front-End

Access SideCAR across a local network or over the public internet to allow station personnel access to their files from anywhere in the world


Integrate with AoIP

Record from traditional sound cards or integrate with your AoIP network to record audio and events


Seamless Integration with DAD

SideCAR tightly integrates into DAD, creating a unified and seamless experience


Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.


Capture the action with hardware-agnostic recording within an AoIP environment or from consumer level or professional-grade sound cards in a variety of formats and sample rates. Save and generate reports regarding identifications, as-run traffic reports, and speech-to-text logging and timestamping to keep your station and staff covered.

ACTUS on computer Monitor


Manage recording locally or remotely with SideCAR's advanced network-based architecture. Login, listen, and export audio from anywhere in the world with SideCAR's web-based player.


Publish to a variety of user-defined locations including local and network drives, FTP servers, automation environments, and cloud-based publishing platforms.

ENCO Range

Our automation solutions work equally well in broadcast, A/V, corporate, retail, and many other industries.

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