Weather Alerts & Imaging

Finally! An alternative to the antiquated EAS emergency weather notification system. Upgrade your weather alerts with natural voices and ensure your reports are always accurate. Automatically receive and schedule daily forecasts, detailed market specific weather reports, and severe weather coverage.

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Weatherology Features

All reports are generated in “real time”, with “real people” and integrated seamlessly into your ENCO DAD automation system.


Trusted Forecasts

Over 25 years of industry-leading experience trusted by more than 500 affiliates nationwide


Multiple Natural Voices

Select the voice talent that best suits your station's format and programming standards


Format-Specific Music Beds

Keep your listeners engaged with music beds customized to fit your station's music format


Monetize Your Reports

Make your weather reports work for you by including local sponsorships


Seamless Integration with DAD

Weatherology is tightly integrated into DAD, creating a unified and seamless experience


Backed by ENCO Support

All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

Modernize Your Alerts

With Weatherology, you can fulfill your station's FCC weather mandate with a localized, better sounding, better quality, personalized, and more accurate emergency weather solution, with the capability of continuous coverage! Best of all, these features can be fully automated. One simple set up, and you’re ready to address emergency weather programming, customized for your station.

ACTUS on computer Monitor

Automate Your Weather Reports

In addition, you can cover hourly weather programming with updated audio forecasts, and current conditions 24 hours per day. No need for part-time staff on the weekends, overnights, or holidays to address weather programming. We provide hourly reports customized for your station, with current conditions.

ENCO Range

Our automation solutions work equally well in broadcast, A/V, corporate, retail, and many other industries.

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