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Automated Closed Captioning and Transcription

Serve your hard of hearing audience and remain compliant with government regulations for a fraction of the cost of traditional captioning services. enCaption is the industry’s only proven and patented solution for providing automated captioning for video.

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A screenshot of enCaption's main captioning screen

enCaption Features

enCaption is the leading captioning solution across multiple industries.

Live, Real-Time Captions

Highly accurate, low-latency

24/7/365 Availability

Reduce operating expenses and avoid government fines for not captioning

Learns Local Places and Names

To continually improve accuracy

Multi-Speaker Identification

Can automatically identify when someone new is speaking

Cloud or On-Premise Solutions

enCaption flexes to meet your operation’s specific needs with no human intervention

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All ENCO products are backed by our 24/7 US-Based support team.

About enCaption

enCaption is a patented totally automated appliance that can automatically generate captioning for video. Using enCaption, content creators can provide real-time, live captioning to their hard of hearing audience any time, without any advance notice and without the high costs of live captioners or signers. enCaption uses ENCO’s latest enhanced speaker independent deep neural network based speech recognition engine to closely inspect and transcribe your audio in near real-time.

desktop example of encaption user interface

Live or Offline Captioning

The latest generation of enCaption also offers an offline file based mode for automatically captioning pre-recorded content. Audio or Video files can be ingested into the system and immediately output to a number of different captioning file formats or sent out for optional human transcription.

See enCaption in Action

Interested in learning more about enCaption? These videos contain in-depth explanations and advice from the people who know them best.