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Automatic Captioning of Emergency Paging Announcements

Make detailed emergency announcements accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing communities with automated, on-premise, high-availability speech to text captioning for digital signage displays.

University lecture hall
University Lecture Hall with projector screen

How best to ensure emergency announcements reach the deaf and hard of hearing community?

Emergency PA announcements can happen at any time. And often the message is much more detailed than can fit on a static visual message. That’s when PA announcements are verbally made - but what if you’re deaf or hard of hearing? Lacking a live, identical text version of the announcement means those who can’t hear what is being said are potentially at risk to themselves or others.

Automated Captions with enCaption

enCaption is the captioning and transcription platform used today by hundreds of television broadcasters to provide FCC-mandated captions for their programming. With enCaption you can directly send captions to any digital signage display capable of showing HTML content. Those captions can be mimicked to the verbal announcements being made.

With the right infrastructure in place, you can send the same captions to facility Websites and any smartphone or mobile devices used by visitors to the site.

Every display and portal on the site can show these emergency captions concurrent with the verbal announcement without any need to contact a human transcriber or outside caption service.

Seconds Counts

Everyone needs to be aware of a changing emergency situation in all the same level of detail, whether they can hear the words or not. With enCaption, you get closer to providing exactly that kind of information, when it’s needed. enCaption’s captioning platform can send the live streaming HTML text to digital signage displays, websites and devices thoughout the location.

enCaption flowchart

University Lecture Hall with projector screen

Automated Translations Too!

To ensure everyone knows what’s being said during emergency announcements, you should also consider those who speak a different language from what’s being announced. ENCO’s enTranslate is an AI-based on-prem (and Cloud) real-time translation engine which can translate text from one of dozens of languages, into several others simultaneously. If for example you have a large Spanish contingent on-site, you can display both an English set of captions and Spanish captions, alongside each other or iteratively. Once again, when an emergency strikes, it’s essential that everyone understands what’s going on and enTranslate can help.

Products Implemented


enCaption provides real-time, live captioning to audiences any time, without advance notice or high costs of live captions.

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enTranslate provides real-time, live translation to audiences any time, without advance notice or high costs of live translators.

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