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Accurate Video Captioning Where and When You Need It

With the COVID pandemic, many office workers have moved from their corporate cubicles to their homes and increasingly rely on video meeting platforms like Zoom to keep colleagues informed and projects on track. Companies also use video-rich social media posts, product demos, and online webinars to keep their brands fresh in customers’ minds.

As corporate video proliferates, so too does the need for open and/or closed captioning that displays on-screen text of dialogue as it’s spoken in the video. Captions serve to:

• Make videos accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing

• Comply with the ADA and other disability mandates

• Promote greater viewer retention and engagement

• Enable viewers to watch videos without disturbing others

• Make archival videos more easily searchable

When high-volume video captioning must be done, it can be advantageous to have your own captioning solution readily available. And, it’s often more cost-effective than hiring outside agencies that typically charge by the minute for their stenographers to generate captions for you.

To be truly valuable to you and your viewers, your in-house video captioning solution must be:

• Exceptionally accurate

• Fully automated and user-friendly

• Economical, and

• Capable of learning unique spellings

Customizing the spelling of words—such as product names, industry lingo, and specialized technical terms—is no problem for ENCO’s enCaption. As part of its automated speech-to-text conversion, enCaption uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to ingest custom spellings based on users’ corrections, scripts, or lists.

Software-driven enCaption leverages dedicated hardware processing power to generate video captions in near real-time with remarkable accuracy. Find out more about how enCaption can help you produce video captions super-fast without cutting corners on accuracy.

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