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Archival Captioning for Telehealth Video Calls

Like “virtual house calls”, telehealth appointments enable patients to speak with their doctors from the comfort of home. In our previous blog, we considered how valuable it is to have closed captioning display over the live video call to promote a better understanding of the information shared.

The caption file can then become a transcript of everything that was said during the call, and both assets can become part of the patient’s electronic health record. Let’s say that following a captioned telehealth call, the patient asks the doctor for further clarification. Was it take aspirin or vitamin C? The doctor can quickly open the transcript and search on key words, such as the word aspirin, or read it over to see exactly what the patient was advised to do.

No more guesswork. That’s what the enCaption automated closed captioning system from ENCO can provide to the medical community. Giving personalized care is demanding. The following benefits from enCaption can help:

• Documenting exactly what was said during a video call

• Accurately capturing every word with far more precision than a human notetaker

• Automating the captioning and transcription process to minimize labor

• Generating captions at a moment’s notice, such as for emergency appointments

• Producing searchable transcripts that can be archived in patients’ records

While enCaption is very powerful, it’s a compact, Windows-driven system that’s easy to learn and operate in-house. Bear in mind that captions and transcripts must be accurate to be truly valuable. With custom libraries for medical terminology and a machine learning engine, enCaption can provide proper spelling of names, drugs, conditions, procedures, and other unique terminology, and gets better over time.  

Find out more about how enCaption can contribute to the productivity and efficiency of any busy healthcare facility.

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