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Audio Podcasting Broadens Horizons for Radio Stations

Audio podcasting is seeing exponential growth thanks to smartphones, smart speakers, and digital voice assistants that make it easier for listeners to browse and access today’s universe of podcast options. With many research firms putting the value of the U.S. podcasting market in the billions, this medium presents enticing opportunities for radio stations to achieve goals such as: 

  • Expanding listenership beyond terrestrial coverage areas  
  • Converting existing radio news and talk shows into podcasts 
  • Generating new revenue through podcast advertising and/or subscriptions 
  • Raising the global visibility of their stations or network brands 

Consistently producing compelling, topical, high-quality content is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome when launching a new podcasting service. But many radio stations have a leg up on the competition because they’re already producing news, talk, and public affairs shows for their airwaves. They just need a way to repurpose that content into digital RSS audio files for delivery to popular podcasting platforms without imposing undue burdens on their staffs or budgets. 

This is where ENCO DAD (Digital Audio Delivery) comes in. Top radio stations use DAD to automate the playout of up to 16 playlists simultaneously from each scalable, networkable DAD workstation, while it manages their ops logs and media archives. 

Through a partnership with StreamGuys—a pioneering content delivery network and streaming media provider—ENCO has seamlessly integrated StreamGuys’ podcasting and live streaming services into its DAD radio automation workflow. Stations interested in podcasting can use these StreamGuys tools to: 

  • Convert audio recordings to RSS digital audio through SGrecast software
  • Monetize podcasts through dynamic ad insertion
  • Comply with industry quality standards 
  • Automate distribution 

What’s more, the entire DAD/StreamGuys ecosystem can be implemented as a fully virtualized, cloud-based solution. Learn more about how ENCO DAD and StreamGuys simplify the podcasting process so you don’t miss out on this growing market opportunity. 

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