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Automation and Remote Access Open Doors of Opportunity for College Radio

With advances in IP-based distribution, many college stations are now streaming their fresh, original sound online in addition to over-their-air broadcasting. In doing so, they’re finding new fans beyond their coverage areas. In fact, some college radio stations have adopted an online-only distribution model because it lets them ramp up quickly, while cutting the costs and complexity of maintaining an FCC broadcast license.

Another key trend shaping college radio today is the COVID-19 pandemic, which has driven many college students to take classes online or socially distance, making it more challenging to run the campus radio station.

With its DAD (Digital Audio Delivery) solution, ENCO addresses these opportunities and challenges head-on by making it possible to automate an entire 24/7 radio operation reliably and cost-efficiently. And with ENCO’s web-based tools, like iPad-based iDAD and browser-based WebDAD, station personnel can manage the following kinds of essential tasks remotely:

• Playing out up to 16 playlists simultaneously with precision

• Populating playlists with songs and other recorded assets from DAD’s central database

• Uploading recorded announcements, voice tracking, news reports and more into DAD

• Sending live audio from “remotes” to DAD for live broadcast

• Making scheduling changes on-the-fly

Teachers and administrators can also log into DAD to train, supervise, and monitor their students’ shows, as well as decide how to award grades and college credit towards a broadcast major. Find out more about how DAD, WebDAD and iDAD can streamline your college radio station’s operation so you can embrace new opportunities.

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