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Captioning Increases the Value of Corporate Video Archives

As corporate video archives grow, adding closed captioning to the videos helps make them easier to find and retrieve. This is because, as part of the closed captioning process, every spoken word in the video is converted to text, which is easier for search engines to peruse than images. The value proposition is that if you can find a desired video quickly, you can share it, repurpose it, and make it accessible on demand so that others can stay informed about your company’s mission and activities.

It’s easier than ever to add closed captioning to newly produced videos as you go along. But, does it ever make sense to spend time and effort captioning older archival videos? The answer is it depends.

High-volume video captioning only makes sense if the process is fully automated with a high degree of accuracy. That’s precisely what ENCO’s enCaption closed captioning solution is designed to do—turnaround big captioning jobs faster and more efficiently than could ever be done by even the best human captioners.

Imagine having a faster, text-based way to search your archives for the following kinds of video assets:

• Recorded Zoom meetings and other virtual events

• Webinars, online presentations, and messages from execs  

• Live staged and special events

• Social media video posts

• Training videos and product demos

This video collection documents key milestones in your company’s history. Captioning makes the videos easily searchable so they can be used in fresh new ways. It also ensures that the video is accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing and compliant with federal and ADA mandates. Learn more about how enCaption can help unlock the true value of your company’s video archives.

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