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Captioning Zoom Meetings for Greater Corporate Accessibility

Given the volume of Zoom calls that companies want to conduct, and the spontaneity with which they’re often arranged, it may seem like a daunting task to provide closed or open captioning to display what is being said during the meetings.

Arranging for professional captioners to type the captions for a Zoom meeting requires advance notice, and the per-minute rates they charge can really add up. But what if captioning a Zoom call was as quick and easy as setting up the call itself?

That’s the convenience that the enCaption automated captioning system from ENCO delivers. This compact, Windows-driven captioning solution works seamlessly with the Zoom platform. Just check the box on your Zoom settings to enable a third-party captioning system to access your meeting audio, and enCaption accurately automates the entire process.

Your meeting audio streams directly from Zoom into enCaption, enCaption converts the spoken word to text, and that data streams back into Zoom in near real-time so your meeting participants can read it as an on-screen display.

While meeting hosts don’t usually think about captioning their Zoom conversations, there are many reasons why they should, including:

• Making the meeting content accessible to the deaf and hard of hearing

• Complying with ADA and other disability mandates

• Creating a text-based transcription that is readily searchable

• Supporting visual learners, and

• Enabling people to “listen in on the meeting” if having their sound up might disturb others

Learn more about how enCaption can provide open, closed, and archival captioning to boost the searchability and accessibility of your Zoom calls, online webinars, and other large-scale video events.

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