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ClipFire Conveys a Cornucopia of Community Content

One of the most unique services that community media and PEG (public access, education, and government) stations provide is community bulletin boards that promote timely local news and information. These electronic displays typically run during program breaks or on their own dedicated cable channels.

Local citizens can peruse this digital signage for useful notices and advisories such as:

• Program schedules for PEG channel programming

• Severe weather alerts and school closings

• Meeting and events calendars for local government, organizations, and schools

• Sports highlights, scores, and tickers

• PSAs, promos, and ads

If creating visually interesting digital signage takes too much time, effort, or money, or requires integrating third-party systems to aggregate all the necessary tools, the process becomes burdensome for cash-strapped PEG channels.

ClipFire solves this dilemma by integrating digital signage creation, asset management, and automated playout capabilities into a compact, software-driven TV Channel-in-a-Box. Whether users are novices or tech-savvy, ClipFire’s user-friendly interface gives them easy access, via touchscreen or keyboard, to an assortment of tools to perform tasks like the following:

• Creating appealing, hi-res displays with graphics, text, photos, video, and music

• Scheduling or re-arranging media playlists for automated playout with minimal human touchpoints

• Moving files from central storage to the playout window

• Delivering content once, as scheduled, or in a loop via multiple TV, web and/or social media channels

When community bulletin boards run reliably and cost-efficiently, PEG stations benefit by saving money and even boosting ad revenues. It also frees up manpower and resources that can be redirected to other valuable services, such as airing live, local government meetings. See how ClipFire enables you to produce attention-grabbing community bulletin boards that inform and retain viewers.

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