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ClipFire Delivers for PEG Stations

While community media stations typically operate on tight operating budgets, the reality is that, in order to attract and interest viewers, they must deliver broadcast-quality video programs that meet the expectations of today’s sophisticated media consumer. Commonly known as PEG (public access-education and government) stations, these organizations specialize in delivering valuable hyper-local newscasts, events, and public affairs topics that bigger media players often overlook.  

Take for example one of their most vital functions, providing live coverage of local government meetings, such as City Council, the School Board, and the Planning Commission for those who cannot attend in person.

With its ClipFire TV Channel-in-a-Box, ENCO offers community media an integrated solution that supports their local news and public affairs mission by enabling the following kinds of broadcast-quality video capabilities:

• Automatically switching between live video cameras and other media sources

• Providing user-friendly tools for creating full-screen graphics, lower third supers, and other visual enhancements

• Playing out live and pre-recorded media to multiple web and social media sites reliably

• Automating the scheduling and playout of shows via multiple channels

• Making it easier to manage media assets in a central library and move them to the program window for broadcast, streaming, or video on demand

As a public service, most PEG stations also give local citizens access to their facilities and equipment so they can produce their own TV shows. ClipFire also fits this bill well by giving video novices an intuitive touchscreen or keyboard interface to access its deep reservoir of professional tools.

Clipfire packs all the studio production, playout, and automation capabilities you need in a compact, software-driven appliance. Learn more about how this affordable video solution automates video production and distribution workflows in a way that eliminates drudgery while boosting creativity.

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