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ClipFire Gives Video Podcasters a Hand

Video podcasting on social media allows everyday people to become broadcasters with their own signature channels. While that’s an exciting and increasingly popular endeavor, video podcasting poses many arduous challenges such as:

  • Finding new viewers and building a loyal audience
  • Growing revenue from advertising, sponsorships, and/or e-commerce 
  • Developing fresh, compelling content on a consistent and punctual basis
  • Producing broadcast-quality programs that boost your podcasting brand’s credibility 

Since many video podcasts are produced by a single person or a small tightknit team,  

being able to automate much of the video production, asset management, and playout tasks can help streamline the process, optimize the quality of experience for viewers, and build momentum towards important goals and milestones.

With its inherent automation capabilities, ClipFire by ENCO can serve as the best production assistant a podcaster could ever want. Here are just a few of the critical video podcasting tasks that ClipFire can expedite reliably and cost-effectively:

  • Switching between live video cameras and other media sources automatically
  • Making it easier to manage a large, growing library of media assets and move items to the program window for playout
  • Providing editing tools for trimming and repurposing video content 
  • Creating lower third supers and other broadcast graphics 
  • Transcoding between popular file formats
  • Supporting both SDI pro video and NDI IP-based video networking
  • Playing out live and/or pre-recorded media to multiple web and social media sites according to a user-defined schedule

The end result is broadcast-quality video programs that meet and exceed the expectations of today’s savvy media consumer. Find out how this compact, feature packed, Windows-driven appliance empowers video podcasters to meet the demands and opportunities of this burgeoning new medium.

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