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ClipFire Supports House of Worship Streaming and Production Needs

In our previous blog, we discussed the importance of providing open and closed captioning on live, streamed, and on-demand worship services to make the message more accessible to everyone. This is particularly true in the age of Covid-19, as many churches are recognizing that they can maintain stronger bonds with parishioners by delivering online streaming services to their congregants’ homes.

As a smaller church, you may be wondering, “How can we get a streaming service up and running given our space-, budget-, and manpower constraints?” And larger churches may want to upgrade to a more powerful, integrated production solution that can streamline and automate their busy media production and streaming workload.

ENCO’s ClipFire addresses the needs of House of Worship customers large and small by integrating many essential video production capabilities into an all-in-one appliance. This TV Channel-in-a-Box helps worship centers tackle and automate varied tasks, such as:

• Playing out video clips from local or network storage to web or social media sites

• Creating, editing, and managing multiple video playlists and media assets with ease

• Transcoding between different format and resolution files on-the-fly

• Automating the scheduling and playout of live and recorded media via multiple channels

Automated playout means that any church can live stream media 24/7, such as worship services, announcements, an event calendar, thank you’s to donors, with minimal human interaction. Drag and drop pre-recorded media assets from your library into ClipFire and trigger automated streaming so your members always have access to video that inspires them.  

Beyond powerful video playlist and playout capabilities, ClipFire also acts like a video switcher, allowing users to select between live video sources, such as cameras, in a way that can be fully automated. Learn how ClipFire can pull its weight within your church’s unique video production and streaming workflow.

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